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Hello there everyone,

I would like to start off by introducing myself. I am Kevin Nieves, for the longest time as a kid/teenager I wanted to get into reading comics but couldn't. I had always loved them and I loved Superheroes in cartoons and movies. So as an adult I decided to just jump in and it was great! HOWEVER, I was a little lost and wasn't sure were to start I mean the Batman comics were in the 600's so I had some trial and error months where I just picked things up and was either good to go or extremely confused. My hobby was growing fast but until a certain point I was buying all digital from the great site That is until I met famed comic book artist Phil Jimenez, you may know him from his amazing work on Wonder Woman. Phil came to my job to teach young kids about drawing and he brought a bunch of comics with him. I guess he didn't realize he'd be working with tiny kids because he was going to give the books to them but upon seeing the age group decided it may be inappropriate for them. So he let me and a couple co-workers take them all. This sent my into a deep deep spiral of collecting those dang floppies (single issue comics) and now I have stacks upon stacks which is great for you (the reader)! because as I read my comics I have dedicated myself to recording a review for every single issue. I want to be able to tell you where and when you can start reading a book or character without being super confused like I was. I had no one around to teach me about reading comics so it is my goal to make sure there are no kids out there suffering the same confusion I went through.


Kevin Nieves

p.s if you are interested in getting a jump on my videos you can follow this link:


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