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There have been a lot of movies to get excited about this year. [The Avengers: Age Of Ultron](tag:293035), Batman vs Superman, Deadpool! But none of them, and I mean none of them, are going to be as spectacular as Star Wars: Episode 7 - The Force Awakens. I cried by the end of the second trailer and I'm not ashamed to admit it. I have never been so excited for a movie, and it's probably because I feel like I'm going to see the originals again. Abrams is trying so hard to keep with the tone of the original trilogy, and I believe he's gonna succeed. If you don't think so, here are my three examples that should say otherwise.

1) Stepping Away From Digital Filmmaking

One of the many reasons the prequel trilogy hit rock-bottom was CGI. George Lucas completely turned away from the practical effects he used in the original movies in favor of the newly-developed computer-generated imaging. It looked sloppy, nothing on set was real except for the actors, and it took away the "magic" from movie magic.

Luckily, J.J. Abrams won't be making the same mistake. In fact, he's stated that they will only be using digital effects when it is absolutely necessary (Example: Outer-Space Warfare). Otherwise, everything is created completely by means of props, costumes, and other practical effects. Even the rolling droid BB-8 isn't made from CGI, believe it or not. And guess what? Abrams isn't even going to film the movie digitally! It's all being done through film, no digital cameras. Talk about going back to the basics!

2) A Star Wars for the Next Generation

Everybody who was a little kid when the first Star Wars movie came out talks about it like it completley changed their life. R2-D2, C3P0, Chewie; all of them have made an impression on their life that can never be replaced. It's only fair that the next generation is given a moment like that.

And to make that happen, Abrams required help from none other than Simon Pegg. Yes he clearly has a cameo as an alien somewhere in the movie, but that wasn't his greatest contribution to the movie. Apparently, he was someone that J.J. could talk about the story with. He gave great insights on what the story needed or didn't need, kind of like an editor. While it's clear that he was a big help on set, it's more clear that Pegg, a longtime fan of the saga, was more than happy to oblige.

It seems that while Abrams is making the movie for the lifelong fans of the trilogy, he's also making it for the new fans. He wants to give them characters and worlds that they'll never forget about. We've got Kylo Ren, whose essentially the Darth Vader of the 21st century from the looks of it. We've got BB-8, a droid who looks just as adorable and fascinating as R2-D2. The movie hasn't even come out and their names are already stuck in my head!

3) The Original Cast is Back!

If there are any fans of the originals reading this post right now, I know this is the part of the trailer when you cried too. This is what's going to make this movie amazing. It's been over 30 years since these guys were last in costume, and it gets me every time. I can only imagine how it felt for the people on set!

I think that was the problem with the prequels. They tried to make a completely new story with new characters, but that's not what people wanted. They wanted the characters that they had fallen in love with. And that's why this movie will be one to remember. We want new characters and new worlds that we can claim belongs to us, but we also want our old friends back. We want to see that galaxy far, far away that we left behind so long ago, but we want to see more of it. In the words of Mark Hamill...

"Everything has changed, but nothing has changed. That's the way you want it to be really."


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