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Disney's new M.O. is recreating their older films. I loved their new rendition of the old classic, Cinderella. I am also excited about all of the recent news about Mulan and The Jungle Book! However, why not try another one of our favorite films?

The Emperor's New Groove was one of my favorite movies when I was growing up! I loved the randomness of the storyline, and how the fourth wall was broken several times. This is something that could be awesome as a live-action film! However, there comes the question of who could play our favorite characters?

I played around with it a bit, and I think I've found actors who could be perfect for these four main roles!

Meryl Streep as Yzma

Yes, this one I didn't even have to think twice about! Her recent role as the witch in Into the Woods shows me that she can be creepy, sassy, and evil. This is what we would need in a live-action Yzma! I would also love to see her act out my favorite 'Yzma moment'.

The whole movie was just so she could save on postage.

Chris Hemsworth as Kronk

Our big and loveable Kronk I think could be played wonderfully by Chris Hemsworth. He is big and has that strong chin. As Thor, he played a character that never really understood what was going on. This is why I think he would be great!

Kronk is possibly my favorite character in the movie. I can just picture Hemsworth now, screaming about his spinach puffs and running out of the room!

Nathan Fillion as Pacha

Nathan Fillion is one of my favorite actors in the world. I loved him in the TV shows Castle and Firefly! So do I think he could play our leader, Pacha? Yes, yes I do. His natural demeanor would play well in how Pacha interacts with the other characters in the movie.

John Goodman was a great voice actor for Pacha, but when I envision a live-action film, all I can see is Nathan Fillion!

Cameron Boyce as Kuzco

This one was a bit harder to figure out. I needed someone who was young, annoying, and full of himself. Cameron Boyce plays the annoying Luke Ross in the TV show Jessie. I think that he could take this Disney Channel character, and just tweak it to become Kuzco!

Transitioning him to a llama could be difficult and weird, but it wouldn't be the strangest thing ever to happen in a movie. I think that Cameron could definitely pull this off!

It would be interesting to see this movie made into a live-action film. It's a hilarious movie with a great lesson. There would be challenges, just like in any other remake. However, if done well, this could be a movie I would like to see!


Which actor would you be most excited about?


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