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As we all know, video games are a very effective tool for entertainment. We have some mindless but fun shooters like Call of Duty and then we have works like Final Fantasy which blend loads of narrative with action. We get to know and love all the characters and environments these video game writers and developers churn out. I'm pretty sure we've all had the same thought:

"Maybe this game can make an amazing movie."

The only problem with this is the fact that other people had the same exact idea, and well, didn't really execute it too well. Maybe even horribly, if you will. This has gone on to the point that no one really takes a video game based-movie seriously (and for good reason). With Hitman: Agent 47 coming out, I'm really anxious to see whether someone can actually pull a decent video game adaptation. Right now, the future looks pretty bleak if you take the past into account.

"Please don't ruin it. Please don't ruin it. Ple.."
"Please don't ruin it. Please don't ruin it. Ple.."

Judging from the trailer, it does look like a good action flick, but will it really live up to the game's narrative as well? Will 47 go through a whole existential crisis? Or will it just be Explosions, guns, and more explosions? (Not that I mind a good lot of explosions if done right.)

Although, it would be amazing if Hitman: Agent 47 really does surpass all the giant pile of garbage of its forefathers. Because right now, video game movies have a very depressing track record.

For example:

We have the Super Mario Bros. Movie. The only thing this movie got right was the fact that Mario and Luigi are Plumbers. Everything else is just proof that the writers and directors had no idea what they were dealing with.

This was a Goomba from the movie. A GOOMBA.
This was a Goomba from the movie. A GOOMBA.

Needless to say, the movie suffered a harsh backlash from critics and a whopping 4/10 on IMDB. That pretty much puts it next to Shyamalan's 'Airbender' Movie, and people don't even acknowledge its existence.

Another Contender for worst video game adaptation is Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li. The movie has practically nothing to do with the game. There are no special effects, nothing even remotely interesting. After all, the street fighter is known for its colorful special attacks from the characters. Here, there's nothing. The characters don't even hold their stories from the game. Once again, the movie fell to a 3.7/10 on IMDB.

At least make Chun-Li Asian. Like her name..
At least make Chun-Li Asian. Like her name..

There are a whole lot of more examples that you can google. It's almost like no movie about a video game ever came close to becoming enjoyable at the least. Some people say that this is because the idea of transferring a video game to a movie pretty much takes away from what makes gaming special. It's not like everyone can take their controllers into a movie theater and play a giant street fighter or smash tournament. (Although, that might be an amazing idea.) But of course, that really isn't possible. Games are built for user input, for choices to be made. In the end, a movie can pretty much fail to capture the initial charm a game may hold. I guess we're just left with the question:

"Can we really make a truly faithful video game movie without screwing it up too bad?"

Only time will tell. Which would be 3 days, when Hitman: Agent 47 comes out.


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