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Zack Snyder's incarnation of Batman is looking more and more like a well-rounded badass. This Batman is looking like the best we've ever seen on the big screen. Let take a look down below on what will make Snyder's Batman different and better from the previous film incarnations.


I got so hyped when I saw this part during the Batman v. Superman Dawn of Justice Comic-Con trailer. I mean look how quick he is taking down two dudes within the span of what like three seconds? The fight choreographer of the film promised us a Batman who would be adequate in martial arts and it looks liked he kept his word. For some reason i feel like Ben Affleck's Batman fighting style is gonna remind me of the Arkham games Batman fighting style. If it very reminiscent of that i'm gonna freaking flip out in the movie theater. This Batman is older and grizzled so being able to take out twenty guys in a room should be no problem for him.


Seeing as how this version of Batman is a little bit older and grizzled than previous incarnations it not a surprise that he might be a bit more lenient on the brutal side. In the recent trailer, a criminal is chained up bloody and bruised with a wound shaped like a batarang. Batman has either branded him or possibly carved it into his chest. This Batman seems to be on the violent side of thing when taking care of the criminals of Gotham and personally to me that sounds awesome as we've never gotten a Batman this brutal and violent before in his tactics on crime. Well actually.....

Let just hope Ben Affleck's Batman doesn't kill ruthlessly like Keaton's Batman did, even though this scene doesn't give much hope to that either.

Let hope this is either a dream sequence or not Bruce Wayne under the mask.


This adaptation of Batman is gonna go toe to toe with Superman during the movie. I can't see any other previous live-action versions of Batman having a shot of defeating Superman other than Ben Affleck's as his version is more closer to the comic books. Now i'm not sure if Batman will be victorious after his fight with Superman, but the fact that he is willing to go up against a god means and proves a lot.


Snyder's Batman looks so close to the source material it not even funny. I mean literally Ben Affleck looks like Batman from the comics and animated movies bought to life. To all the haters who are still hating on Batfleck, you were never fans of the Batman character to begin with.

Batman Who Prepared For Anything.

Batman is usually know for being prepared in almost any possible situation and Snyder's Batman seems to carry that trait well. We see him in different gear possibly trying to infiltrate some kind of base in some wasteland. The fact that we see a Batman using his infiltrating skills and being prepped for the situation gets me so flipping pumped for this incarnation of the Batman! Snyder truly knows what he doing with this character and we're gonna be in for a hell of a ride.

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