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Some people just really wanna see the world burn. And with this fun match we're not just going to see a burning earth but a wrecked battlefield for the two of the most destructive smashers in the comics: World Breaker Hulk & The Doomsday.

We'll see what are they capable of and its up to you on who wins on this match. You can add some other powers that I missed in the comments.

Let's start with the World Breaker Hulk:

Real name is Bruce Banner after being exposed from too much gamma radiation he became the enormous green rage monster. From the Gravage Hulk (after the traumas and pain he got from the Planet Hulk storyline) he became the World War Hulk (with the increase in power from the previous hulk) to the World Breaker Hulk (the loose canon and the strongest version of Hulk).

Powers & Abilities:

  • Unlimited Strength (that almost sunk the east of US and more than any immortals)
  • Thunderclap (creates a hellish blast that can put away fires, hurt and deafen enemies)
  • Destructive Speed
  • Accelerated Healing
  • Immunity to diseases
  • Leaping/Jumping Ability (looks like he's flying and creating a crater after landing)
  • High Durability (the angrier he gets the tougher he is)
  • Mental Abilities (allowing him to see Dr. Strange's astral)
  • Resistance to Mind Control (but not if he's in Banner's form)
  • High Body Resistance (allowing him to survive Sentry's 1000 supernovas)
  • Breathing Underwater
  • Prolonged Lifespan
  • Omnidirectional bursts of kinetic energy


  • Children and Puppies (weird? yes. but you can disregard this since were talking to WBH here)
  • Ok. Black Widow if she will make him calm down (w/c is impossible cuz WBH has no mercy)

Now moving to The Doomsday:

A deadly monster from the depths of Krypton, drench in the feeling of hate and anger drives him the hunger for destruction. Known as The Ultimate, born the the old Krypton where only the strongest could survive. And the only one who were able to kill Superman.

Powers & Abilities:

  • Unlimited Strength (that ravaged a lot of planets)
  • Healing (able to adapt to previous damage and follow the next one which is:)
  • Reincarnation (becoming resistant to whatever killed him before)
  • Self-Sustenance (he doesn't need to eat, drink or sleep & he's just a destructive obelisk)
  • Fire Breath
  • Claw like skeletons (hand, arm etc.)
  • Speed and Agility
  • Leaping Ability (he was able to develop this as flight)
  • Energy absorption & Redirecting Attack (ability to return the attack to his enemies)
  • Power Replication
  • Invulnerability (including mental)
  • No Mercy


  • None. As he was able to adapt on everything that kills him before.

Now! It's time for these two colossus to collide. Based on what they are capable of, whose side are you on? Be ready to experience the world's end in the hands of these monsters.

Have fun :)


Whose side are you on?


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