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Elizabeth Taylor, Elvis Presley, Steve McQueen and Tom Cruise are among many celebrities who are standing in as holy figures at an Ohio wax museum.

The BibleWalk wax museum features 70 scenes and over 300 life-sized wax figures — some of which are recycled celebrity figures. spoke with an employee at the museum, who stated:

"For the most part people are here to hear the Bible stories, so we do have people recognize them sometimes, but people really do just recognize the word of God and are so in tune to the story that's going on as they're walking through the museum that it's really not too much of a distraction."

Take a look to see if you recognize who these figures were originally:

In a Scene of the Story of Moses: ______________ Is the Pharaoh's Wife

Photo: Solent News/Splash News
Photo: Solent News/Splash News


Elizabeth Taylor

In a Scene of Adam & Eve : ______________ Is Adam & Eve's Son Abel


Prince Philip

In a Scene From Heaven : ______________ (Left) Is Jesus Christ


Tom Cruise

In a Scene from Heaven : ______________ Is King Solomon


John Travolta

In an Unknown Scene : ______________ Is a Woman with Outstretched Arms


Ali Macgraw

In an Unknown Scene : ______________ (Left) Is an Unknown Woman


Victoria Principal

Did you guess any of them correctly?

The museum is open to the public through October. Check out tour times and prices at

While on the topic of wax figures:


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