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I'm going to tell you what the Upcoming Web Series "Marvel Knights: Spider-Man" Top 10 needs! After watching the first series in "madeLEGITmedia" YouTube channel. It was pretty good! Even for a 5 minute video. In Istragram I followed the man who made this amazing video, The Director Jesse Scimeca! (Nice last name) He and cast and crew were updating the fans about the series. I assume this is based off the Ultimate Spiderman comics which I think it's great! Now let's get to the point! Top 4 needs! And must nots!

4 . Good acting!

The one in the glasses, is the directors brother! I hope he casted him because he is a good actor. Because it be dumb he just casted him because there brothers! This cast looks okay. I just hope they took acting classes or they will fail. That's why I didn't like the YouTube video "Spider-Man Lost Cause" guess who's Spider-Man in that VIDEO?!!THE DIRECTOR!!!

3. Not another Amazing Spider-Man rip off!

I love the movie and all, but I don't want to feel I'm watching the amazing Spiderman franchise again. Everybody can tell if you're watching The Amazing Spider-Man video. So basically Peter's parents, Osborne freak accidents and ect. But I don't think you have to worry about that since it looks like it's about The Ultimate Spider-man comics and you know why I think that? Well that brings me to number 8!

2. Miles Morales Orgin story

Spoiler Alert! At the end of the pilots episode it showed Miles Morales! He is a pretty popular character in the ultimate universe! If we can't have a Miles Morales movie why not a series? But that means they have to do "The Death Of Ultimate Spider-Man" I don't think they would do that in the first season, probably the second. But the actor who is played Miles Morales in that series was too old to play that character! I mean in the comics Miles was 13 when he had his powers. Hopefully they recast.

1. Superheroes cameo



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