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Zachary Chichwak

Warner Brothers has spent many many millions of dollars on creating the most anticipated of superhero unions on the big screen to date in Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice. They are very easily the most recognizable fictional characters on the face of the earth, and I do not wish to somehow tarnish the success that MARVEL studios has earned through the last several years.

That being said, i think that the MARVEL executives and even their cast members have in many instances overplayed their hand. For every good film they make, there are two that critically and commercially bomb. I don't how many Fantastic Four films they're going to make before they realize that NOBODY likes the Fantastic Four. Batman films are almost always nominated for an Oscar of some kind, and on a couple of occasion have won. Yeah, the Iron Man franchise was nominated, blah, blah blah. Superman though, much like he did in comics, recreated the wheel when Richard Donner created the first big budget superhero film. Superman: The Movie changed the game for good. Studios began purchasing comic book properties faster and faster. Most studios didn't even have a clue as to how they were going to bring their property to life on the silver screen but hey, now they owned it. DC/WB has had slumps, but never been so far gone as to filing bankruptcy like MARVEL did in 96'.

Batman and Superman fans, not to mention Wonder Woman fans are foaming at the mouth for this film. WB has a built in audience with these characters, ranging from 5 year olds to some of which who are now in their 70's and beyond. They were reading DC comics since shortly after the character's inceptions. The sheer size of the fan base is simply astronomical. I've asked dozens, maybe hundreds of folks over age 55, and around %80 of them said , "Thor who?'' "Iron what?'' Mention Batman and Superman and their eyes light up as if were discussing some old mutual friend we just discovered that we share.

Batman v Superman, I'm predicting, will exceed all expectations. By miles. The Last two of Nolan's Batman pictures both cleared the billion dollar mark. Man of Steel was $670 million. Combining the popularity of these two commodities can mean only one thing. The Billion dollar mark is a cinch. its in the bag. How far will it go? I'm predicting a minimum box office draw of 1.5 billion or more. On to the story predictions. Well. Piecing together what little has been revealed to us through trailers, publicity stills and set rumors, I have discovered and somewhat deciphered the hidden meanings of quite a few of them.

A big question many are asking is "who the hell are the soldiers fighting Batman with the Superman crest on their combat dress uniforms. My theory is that they are of the militarized nation Khandaq. In DC continuity, this nation was (thousands of years ago) under the rule of a being. A godlike being that ruled the nation with an iron hand. This being was above them. Superior in every manner. He was literally worshiped as a god by them. He had strength, speed, flight and a ruthless nature....Black Adam. Down through the ages the stories have been passed. Even in his absence he was continually worshiped as any god would be. I'm thinking that within that nation there was a prophecy of Black Adams return. The people of Khandaq would await his return to once again guide them, rule them. Rule the world in effect. They believe Kal to be the one that they have been anxiously waiting for, one generation to the next. He is unequivocally the dark haired, flying man-god that has been prophesied.

And Kal, not really having anywhere in the world to belong just yet, has found if nothing else a place to simply exist without worrying. I'm sure hes not crazy about being worshiped as a god, or creating a falsehood for the rest of the world to hate him further by. But the man's gotta' hang his cape somewhere right? This of course will fuel the idea further (especially Bruce Wayne's) that he's a menace that must be destroyed. Batman will go to Khandaq. When we see him fighting those men, it is clearly in a desert setting, the men are certainly militarized, and definitely fighting on behalf of Superman. What other people in the DC universe would so rapidly embrace superman, while the rest of the world fears or hates him? Just a thought.

Next we have Wonder Woman. Amazonian Princess. Little is shown of her thus far. However I think it could be what were not being shown that could be of most significance. What powers will she have? What abilities will be left out? Will she be an ambassador for the Amazons in mans world? My thoughts are this: I believe that they may have negated her flight. Now there have been more than a few changes to her over the last 74 years. For a while she could fly, for a while she relied on her plane. She's been as weak as spiderman, and then stronger or as strong as Superman. With little or no exception she has always had the lasso. The fact we didn't see her fly is a dead give away, for my money at least. She will be crazy strong, but no flight I'm afraid, sorry WW fans.

Lex Luthor.....I believe that the gov't will be turning to him to make a being of their own. The result will be Doomsday. There was no doubt that he has Zod's body. I think he will try to reverse engineer the Kryptonian genetic code in an attempt to create Superman's superior. Possibly even make a clone of Zod himself. But before creating something with power akin to Superman's, they will have to have a fail safe in place. A way of controlling it. Otherwise, whats the point, right? We see Luthor with a large Green rock also. I think that he will use kryptonite as a key "ingredient" in his monster. Therefore, by doing this it will bring Batman and WW together WITH Superman against a common enemy. An enemy he could not otherwise face without help. Luthor will be what brings them together instead of tearing superman apart, hence Luthor will in effect make the gov'ts problem worse by giving Superman not one ally, but two very dangerous ones.

Next, Bruce Wayne's Joker 'relationship'...? Well there were several Joker Easter eggs in the trailer. We can probably guess that the tattered newspaper clipping mailed to him with a message written in what looks like red lipstick is from. But, what we don't know is, why then? My theory is that the Suicide Squad will certainly be intertwined into ALL of these films, but more importantly, the Joker specifically. Aside from Superman, there has to be a catalyst that's kept Batman's vengeful interest for so long. There is a scene in the Suicide Squad trailer where the Joker is walking through a factory of some sort, and henchmen destroying the place with gunfire while wearing batman masks. We can now assume that their rivalry is very much alive.

In the B v S trailer you can also see Batman fighting and disarming uniformed men in a similar setting. It could just be nothing, but if it's "something" here's the way I see it. Why mention the Joker at all in B v S? Why, when he's the rock star in another upcoming film of his own? I think that the answer is this: Lex Luthor and the Joker are somehow connected in their assault on the heroes. I think that Lex somehow through all his money and influence has unchained or employed for lack of a better word the Joker to help him kill two birds for all his efforts. He has Batman occcupied and hopefully killed, while hes perfecting a way to kill Supe's. WW is the gambit in this story though. Shes likely to wreck all plans. All bets are off with her as an ally. In summation, the clips and trailers might seem kind of vague, but thats purposeful. I'm a lifelong DC reader and fan, so im hoping my ''insight'' has at the very least peaked the interest for some and perhaps brought perspective and theory to a highly anticipated cinematic event. Thanks for lettin' me chat.





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