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Everyone was surprised more Star Wars movies were announced. If only spin-offs were announced, I would have been less surprised. Three spin-offs are coming: Star Wars: Rogue One, Han Solo and Boba Fett.

Rogue One focuses on Rebel spies stealing the Death Star plans. This may sound random or minor to some, it's major because the rebels are really risking their lives and their mission sets up A New Hope or simply Star Wars to some.

Rogue One doesn't have any stars, it has character actors and maybe one rising star. Felicity Jones, Mads Mikkelsen and Alan Tuydk star in this, apparently they are good actors to be in this movie. I'm a huge James Bond fan so I've seen Mads before, I haven't seen Hannibal yet. I never heard of Felicity before the cast was announced.

Gareth Edwards is the director, he directed the Godzilla reboot and Monsters. I liked Godzilla, I own it and I didn't mind the lack of Godzilla himself. I haven't seen Monsters, I guess people like it.

He told us Rogue One is a war movie, it's dark and gritty and morally grey. Of course some people don't like it because it sounds like he's going against Star Wars. I like it, it's different and smart. War is nasty, it's not fun and games. Real life is more complicated than media, more happens than people fighting or a hero saving a princess.

The big question is will these rebels die? They are new characters so they are easily expendable and them dying easily explains why we don't see them again. Maybe two rebels will survive, they will continue fighting or retire somewhere. Maybe these rebels are a different group, there could be at least two rebellions.

If they are a different group, how will Leia get the Death Star plans? She makes a trade? She buys the plans? She steals the plans? She blackmails the rebels? I know the last question sounds weird, Gareth said good guys will do bad things and vice versa for the bad guys.

Speaking of the Empire, we should see a few sympathetic Imperials. Most Imperials are normal people. Maybe many were brainwashed? The Empire being a dictatorship shouldn't be public knowledge, at least not for most systems. The Empire establishes order so people are safer. Maybe being ruled by the Empire isn't really different from being ruled by the Republic.

Some people are hoping Darth Vader has a cameo. It's a nice idea but it doesn't need to happen. What will he do? Talk to one of his servants? Join a space battle?

Gareth said there won't be any Jedi. It's a good idea, it's a nice change of pace. Plus most of the Jedi were killed. I prefer normal people over Jedi, maybe most people feel this way. We prefer watching who or what we relate to. Plus no Jedi is one reason for more tension or intrigue.

Rogue One sounds cool and it should be. I doubt it will be become a classic or one of the best Star Wars movies. Are you curious for Rogue One? Do you have something to share?


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