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Ly Velez

For those of you who have yet to hear the good news, Disney will be adding Toy Story Land to its park in Florida! 11 acres of Disney property will be converted into a toy wonderland where guests enter into Andy's fun-filled backyard. Larger-than-life blocks, buildings, and game pieces will make visitors feel just like one of the toys!

The theme section will maintain and expand its ever popular Toy Story Mania! ride where guests can enjoy fun-filled midway style games. Disney will then add an Alien Saucers attraction (the infamous Claw will make an appearance) and, WAIT FOR IT, a Slinky Dog Coaster!

Yes, you heard that right! Some day in the near future (we hope), we will be able to hop onto Slinky Dog's back and take a joy ride through Andy's backyard toyland. Andy has always had a fantastic imagination, and now we get to experience one of his fantastical adventures first hand! Using his Mega Coaster Play Kit, Andy has transformed Slinky Dog into a speedy pup that will take you through the leaves and twigs of the backyard. Along the way you'll get to meet some old friends including Wheezy, Rex, Hamm, Trixie, and the Green Army Men.

Toy Story Land has yet to receive an official opening date, so enjoy this awesome animated simulation as we patiently await for Disney to open its doors to the real deal!



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