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One thing about sci-fi films that has always fascinated me is the technological advances: some of the tech that we see in these movies are lightyears ahead of us, some just slightly beyond our reach.

We'll be seeing a lot of new tech in Ridley Scott's upcoming sci-fi film The Martian starring Matt Damon and Jessica Chastain. The film is based off a novel published by American author Andy Weir, and it really looks like it puts the "sci" in "sci-fi", rather than being driven by romantic elements like Gravity and Interstellar.

It's about NASA astronaut Mark Watney (played by Damon), a botanist and mechanical engineer, who is left stranded on Mars when the crew of the Ares 3 mission are forced to evacuate their landing site due to an intense storm. Watney's space suit is destroyed during the evacuation, and his crew members believe him to be dead.

What other way to survive apart from the "science the shit" out of the situation?

With no way to contact Earth, Watney must rely on his scientific and technical skills to survive. Mark must survive by growing food on a foreign planet, and by burning hydrazine to make water in his crew's martian habitat (or 'Hab').

There's a whole lot more to the plot, but I wanted to leave a little room for surprise. The new trailer will be able to fill in (some of) the holes for you:


Now that you're filled in on the latest sci-fi film, let's talk about some insane sci-fi tech that we could definitely use in the real world, like, yesterday! Matt Damon puts some of these to good use in The Martian, and I think he could've used a few more of them!

A Martian Habitat (Hab)

A martian habitat is exactly what it sounds like. It's a permanently manned, self-sustaining martian facility. The goal and purpose of the Hab is to incorporate the major functions required for long term habitation in the isolation of a barren planet and make it into a thriving ecosystem. How cool would it be to live the life you do every day, but on Mars?

Concept from
Concept from

You know what's cooler than this idea? The fact that the people of Earth have already begun working on such a project! Not only would sustaining life on another planet be revolutionary, but it will definitely help in the understanding of our solar system.

The Med Pod

As you can see in the introduction above, the Med Pod would have everything you would need if you were to require medical treatment. This sort of technology would save time, and deliver convenience to anyone in need of its services. Not only could someone get a quick diagnosis along with instant treatment, but anyone could have their surgery programmed into the pod before hopping in, and allowing the machine do all of the work. The Med Pod would also be great for delivering that alien baby you've always wanted!

From 'Prometheus'
From 'Prometheus'

Hover Cars

This idea has been talked about for years and years on end. Lexus actually released a hover-board this year (and it actually works), so when will we finally be able to see a hover-car up and running? Hopefully in this lifetime! Imagine highways in the sky, giving drivers a choice of how to get to where they need to be. Traffic would be a thing of the past, for you could fly over the roads, or drive under the skies - whichever one's faster!

Virtual Reality

Virtual gaming has been in the works for quite awhile. We've reached that milestone in gaming, and it's marvelous. But what about a virtual reality where we could live in any reality-like state we please, without changing our current timeline? We could visit our past to remember, to gain clarity or reassurance - or, we could just live in our favorite fantasy world, and stand alongside our favorite characters. It could give us the chance to clean up the streets of Gotham, or to march into the Battle of the Five Armies. With an in-depth virtual reality, all of our dreams could come true by simply turning on a set of goggles.


Teleportation is something, I'm sure, we have all dreamed of at one point. We have all wished that it was as easy as mouthing "Beam me up, Scotty!" and there we go, to our next destination within the blink of an eye. Not only could this kind of technology save us time, but it could save lives. Organs could easily and quickly be transported to the ones who need them, not to mention that teleportation would get doctors to ailing patients, or the site of an accident instantly. This would also make traveling a lot easier. Who wants to sit on a plane for a couple of hours when you can teleport from the East Coast to the West in just a single moment? First and foremost, this is definitely something we need right now!

What do you good folks think?



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