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Today we finally got our first footage of The Flash Season 2. Even if it's only a promo with not a lot to see, we still can learn some couple of information. Let's review it!

Atom Smasher

This is our very first look at Atom Smasher, played by Adam Copeland, better known as WWE wrestler Edge.

Albert Rothstein a.k.a. Atom Smasher was in the comics, exposed to Thorium radiation, allowing him to grow to incredible size with superhuman strength. He even got ties with the original Atom, Al Pratt.

However, in this new iteration of the character, we got a really different take on his persona. Originally, Atom Smasher was part of the Justice Society whereas in The Flash he is a villain who wants to kill Barry Allen.

They could kill him off after one episode but if he was meant to reappear in the future, we could see a redemption path for him where he could ultimately help Team Flash.

Captain Cold

It looks like Leonard Snart is present in this first episode. It's not much of a surprise.

Arrow Season 4 and The Flash will help set-up [DC's Legends of Tomorrow](tag:2937021) until their midseason finales. So, we'll have more interactions between Captain Cold/Heatwave and Team Flash.

We'll certainly see them in a more friendly configuration with Captain Cold maybe helping Team Flash.


This one was unexpected! The Flash-Signal exists! I'm not sure if we ever got that kind of signal in the Flash mythology but it's really cool.

With The Flash becoming a real hero for the people of Central City, it makes sense. With now more and more threats, people will seek The Flash's help even more.

Only seven weeks to wait!

The Flash returns for Season 2 on October 6th on the CW!


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