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There's nothing like a good old fashioned end of the world scenario to convince siblings to put aside their petty squabbles and join together to fight the oncoming Darkness (literally, in this case).

The CW's Supernatural returns to our screens in October and for some this season is the most anticipated of all, because it marks a return to the show's original baseline, the dynamic that made it so great when it began it's run a decade ago. As Executive Producer Jeremy Carver has confirmed,

“We’re going back to the original format of having both brothers unaffected, meaning not drinking demon blood, not with the Mark of Cain on their arm. It’s just Sam and Dean as Sam and Dean, fighting a common target.”

It's no secret that Supernatural has one of the most dedicated fan bases out there, fuelled largely by online communities like Tumblr; it's a show that loves to throw nods to it's viewers through the acknowledgement of online fandom and meta-episodes like Changing Channels (S5E08).

Their faces say it all.
Their faces say it all.

The love that the fans have for this show is born somewhat from the off-screen personas of the actors in their public appearances, but stems mainly from the on-screen chemistry of the two principal actors (Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki). Whether they're joking around with each other or having blazing arguments, otherworldy falling-outs and dragging each other out of the depths of hell itself, the core of Supernatural's attractiveness has always been the relationship between the two Winchester Brothers.

Season 11 will open with the brother's having inadvertently caused the end of the world (again) by sacrificing the greater good in order to save each other (again) and now putting their differences aside to team up against the oncoming storm (...again).

Hey, if the formula works, it works.

At the SDCC last month Ackles and Padalecki expressed their excitement for a return to this dynamic:

"We have no one to really turn to because no one really knows anything. But I know that Sam and Dean will be side-by-side, and that’s f—ing cool. I’m happy to see them teaming up.” Padalecki said, “I think we’ll beat The Darkness because we’re not the Losechesters."

"Now we’re left with the cleanup." Ackles added, "Now it’s figuring out how to deal with the decisions we have made. What I like about where we’re going is the brothers are united, similar to Season 1, when we were looking for dad. We’re back to normal so to speak and we have a common target.”

Whilst Padalecki seems pretty confident that Sam and Dean can defeat the Darkness, the pre-biblical, primordial entity that even God (portrayed in the SPNverse as the absolute pinnacle of power) struggled with, it looks like the boys are certainly going to have their work cut out for them next season.

If they can stop fighting each other long enough.
If they can stop fighting each other long enough.

Since they're going to need all the help they can get, Carver has also confirmed that our favourite angel/demi-God/Leviathan vessel Castiel will be back together with the boys, and that we'll be seeing the surprising return of some "fan favourites". This, coupled with Jeffery Dean Morgan's expression that he'd love to return to the show (as John Winchester) could make for a very exciting season indeed.

John Winchester, the boys' father, was killed off way back in season 2 after he traded his life to save Dean's, but as we well know the Winchester's have this way of not staying dead for very long.


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