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Lohith Nyalapogula

Before you start reading, remember that this is a fan cast and that some of these actors will be considered too old to play their characters. Let's begin.

Superman/Tom Welling

No matter what you thought about Smallville, you have to admit that in the last few seasons Tom Welling and Erica Durance really pulled off their roles. Tom Welling would also be an awesome Clark Kent, after all, he did play the character for ten years.

Like I mentioned at the start, some of these actors will be too old to play their characters. But with the help of modern technology and make-up, I am sure Tom Welling can pull off Clark Kent/Superman once again. If you don't like this, just think of my DC Cinematic Universe being set around 2011, straight after Smallville season ten.

Batman/Sam Witwer

Here's the thing with casting Batman, you are actually casting Bruce Wayne. Think about it, the only thing you see when the actor is in the batsuit, is half of his face. Also when Batman is actually being Batman and fighting crime, it will be a stunt double in the costume. Sam Witwer can definitely pull off being a billionaire, playboy, philanthropist, while also keeping a dark secret.

Wonder Woman/Alexandra Daddario

You have to admit, she is one of the best choices to play Wonder Woman. We've already seen her in a movie with Greek Gods, so she has some basic knowledge of the mythology already. Further more, the biggest complaint about Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman was that she didn't have a body of an amazon. Basically her breasts weren't big enough. Gal Gadot did respond to this by saying that real amazons cut of a breast, because it was a distraction to their archery. But that's beside the point, the point is that no one should be complaining about Alexandra Daddario's certain body parts being too small.

The Flash/Neil Patrick Harris

We know that Neil Patrick Harris can play the Flash, because he looks like him and also he is a great actor. I know he is forty years old now, but remember, this is a fan cast. Moving on.

Aquaman/Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper is a great actor and in the picture above he definitely looks like Aquaman.

Green Lantern/Chris Pine

Chris Pine is playing Steve Trevor in the DC Extended Universe, but he would have made an awesome Green Lantern. Just look at the picture above. He would have been a near-perfect Hal Jordon.

Cyborg/Michael B. Jordan

There are tonnes of people that can play Cyborg, but I've picked Michael B. Jordan because he is a talented actor and has played two characters with superpowers.

And that sums up my fan cast. Do you agree or disagree? Remember, in real life, virtually any actor can play any role through the aid of modern technology,make-up and intense training. Look at Chris Pratt before and after Guardians of the Galaxy. Even if their accent is wrong, they can be trained by a dialect coach. So yeah, all the actors above, with help and commitment, can play their characters.

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