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Lohith Nyalapogula

Following my Justice League fan cast, I decided to take it up a notch. Now when I mean the entire DC Cinematic Universe, I mean all the main characters and related supporting characters. Let's begin. Remember that this is a fan cast and some of these actors will be considered too old to play their characters now.

Superman/Tom Welling

Batman/Sam Witwer

Wonder Woman/Alexandra Daddario

The Flash/Neil Patrick Harris

Aquaman/Bradley Cooper

Green Lantern/Chris Pine

Cyborg/Michael B. Jordan

Lex Luthor/Mark Strong

Bane/Dwayne Johnson

Cheetah/Halle Berry

Professor Zoom/Chace Crawford

Black Manta/Chiwetel Ejiofor

Sinestro/Hugo Weaving

James Gordon/Bryan Cranston

Robin/Logan Lerman

Alfred Pennyworth/Patrick Stewart

Lucius Fox/Denzel Washington

The Joker/Willem Dafoe

Catwoman/Megan Fox

Darkseid/Jeff Bridges

Highfather/Ian McKellen

Kalibak/Dave Bautista

Orion/Kevin McKidd

Granny Goodness/Julie Walters

Desaad/Robin Taylor Lord

Circe/Rachel McAdams

Hippolyta/Famke Janssen

Artemis/Ronda Rousey

Steve Trevor/Matt Damon

Lois Lane/Cobie Smulders

Jimmy Olsen/Rupert Grint

Perry White/Ray Wise

Supergirl/Chloë Grace Moretz

Jonathan Kent/Kurt Russell

Martha Kent/Kelly Preston

Queen Mera/Jessica Chastain

Ocean Master/Wes Bentley

Iris West/Gal Gadot

Wally West/Josh Hutcherson

Jay Garrick/Liam Neeson

And that sums up my fan cast. Do you agree or disagree? Remember, in real life, virtually any actor can play any role through the aid of modern technology, make-up and intense training. Look at Chris Pratt before and after Guardians of the Galaxy. Even if their accent is wrong, they can be trained by a dialect coach. So yeah, all the actors above, with help and commitment, can play their characters.


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