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The run up to Disney's popular sandbox game release is getting exciting, with lots of features unveiled at D23 last week. We're getting a slew of new characters, lots of Marvel and Star Wars worlds, and awesome mini-games in the new Toy Box Hub. Not to mention a crossover with Kingdom Hearts 3!

But can these exciting new releases save [Disney Infinity 3.0](tag:3458183) from a phenomenal dip in sales?

Barely Breaking Even

Since Disney Infinity 1, the game has done very well with children and older collectors alike, as it allows players to cross over into many different Disney worlds with multiple mini game options and plenty of new characters to collect.

Can the Avengers save the day?
Can the Avengers save the day?

But despite expanding into the Marvel and Star Wars worlds, Disney Infinity 3.0 recently reported a sales drop.

With the game still yet to be released, this would not seem that surprising, were it not for the fact that Disney has barely broken even. Considering how much money they've poured into the game, this is quite worrying for the company, and if sales don't pick up then we can probably wave goodbye to a potential Disney Infinity 4.0.

The execs over at Disney don't seem unduly worried by the revenue dip though, and with all the features they unveiled at D23, hopefully the sales will pick up in time for Christmas.

"We're very pleased with our overall performance in the third quarter. The strong results across our many diverse lines of business demonstrate the power of our unparalleled brands, franchises and creative content."

So what new content does Disney Infinity 3.0 have in store for us, and is it enough to boost sales?

Infinite Possibilities!

Tink vs Davy Jones... only in the Toy Box!
Tink vs Davy Jones... only in the Toy Box!

Disney gave us an absolute treasure trove of new features in D23, so we'll break down the highlights for you.

  • Kingdom Hearts crossover: yep you heard right! There's a nod to Kingdom Hearts in Disney Infinity 3.0, as the Ultimate Unlock item is none other than Sora's Keyblade!
  • Marvel Battlegrounds: this playset is coming in Spring 2016 and will feature lots of new Marvel gaming options, along with the game's first 4 player local co-op!
  • Toy Box Hub: this is a new area where you can follow tutorials and unlock different mini-game genre options, like racing and farming.
  • Sidekicks: in the Toy Box farming game, you can make your own AI sidekick! Choose from a plethora of Disney characters (including Gravity Falls' Pines Twins) to help you run the farm. If you feed the characters they can level up and follow you on new adventures!

But don't take our word for it - check out the complete release in this trailer.

New Friends (And Enemies)

Disney Infinity 3.0 is really pulling out all the stops with their character releases. New additions include Peter Pan, Mulan, and Olaf, with TRON: Legacy's Flynn and Quorra coming soon. And although the [Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens](tag:711158) playset hasn't been released yet, Disney previewed the Rey and Finn figures at D23, and they look awesome!

There's also an exciting new type of figure to collect: Disney unveiled their limited edition Light FX figures at D23. Featured in the Star Wars playsets, these figures have lightsabers that, well, light up when they are placed on the base. Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, and Yoda are among the characters with this special feature.

A glimpse of the new Star Wars figures.
A glimpse of the new Star Wars figures.

And if you can't wait for your favourite characters to be added to Disney Infinity 3.0 then fear not! You can vote on which new character will be included in the game: the Player Pick 2015 poll is still open, so go vote for your faves! Unfortunately, none of our suggestions were featured.

The Future Is Bright

With the Force Awakens playset ready to be released before Christmas, and tons of new features that we still don't know about, with any luck Disney Infinity 3.0 can bounce back from the pre-sale figures dip. So grab your starter packs now! Who knows when they'll sell out!


What are you most excited for in Disney Infinity 3.0


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