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Jared Leto was questioned by police while rocking his green Joker hair at LAX yesterday after a paparazzi was allegedly punched in the face by a member of the Suicide Squad star's entourage.

According to the reports by TMZ, one of Leto's friends lost his temper with a photographer who was jostling them and invading their personal space and slugged the pap in the face, resulting in a split lip.

Jared Leto was photographed mediating with cops who were called to the scene after responding to possible battery charges, but they soon determined that their presence wasn't required after Leto's unidentified friend and the injured pap shook hands and resolved their conflict.

While I will never condone violence, I can totally see how Leto's friend snapped under the pressure and ended up injuring a paparazzo in the process. It's easy to get claustrophobic and stressed in a scrum of people, and when you are with someone as high profile as Leto with his green mop, I'm sure things can get scary pretty quick.

Also, don't these dudes know that they are messing with this guy?!

Tread carefully next time paps...

(Source: TMZ)


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