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With the premier of The Walking Dead Season 6 fast approaching (51 days to go!) we can look forward to seeing more and more of the promotional material that comes along with a brand new series from now until October 11th. But no matter how cool it is to see these action packed, glossy-looking images, I gotta say, sometimes it's the fans who make the coolest posters.

Posted over on Reddit was this amazing set of character posters that are guaranteed to have any fan drooling. Not only are seven of your favorite characters depicted, but they're actually made up of each characters lines from throughout the series! How cool is that?

The posters are available for sale over HERE, but before you get buying check them all out below:

Rick Grimes

Pictured with his signature Colt Python, Rick looks like he's ready to put a few holes in anyone who crosses him. With quotes such as "This isn't a democracy any more" written across his body, this image is badass as hell.

Carl Grimes

Carl Grimes has come a long, long way from the little boy in Seasons 1 and 2. These days Carl makes huge contributions to the group, and is definitely a much more valuable member of this new world than say, someone like Father Gabriel. It's interesting reading the quotes on his poster because they include some from when he was very young, like the moment in Season 1, Episode 6 when he tastes wine ("Ew that's nasty!") through to when he starts teaching the other kids that walkers are not to be messed with ("They're dead now. They're not people and they're not pets!").


Michonne, her katana and her pets only joined the show towards the end of Season 2 but she's such an important member it's like she was always there. Her poster is made up of Michonne lines, including the hilarious moment back in Season 4 when she claims that Daryl has "Already given me fleas."

Carol Peletier

Much like Carl, Carol has made a huge transformation over the course of the show, and the quotes in her poster show this too. One of the quotes, "Lord punish me however you want, but show mercy on her," is from back in Season 2, shortly before Carol's daughter Sophia was found as a walker. After Sophia's death, Carol definitely hardened up and the quote, "We're talking about knives," is taken from Season 4 when Carol started teaching all the children to protect themselves against walkers.

Daryl Dixon

The ass kicking hunk of the group looks pretty awesome in his bandana, and his quotes completely match - they even included the classic Season 1 Daryl when he tells Glenn, "You've got some balls for a Chinaman," to which Glenn replies "I'm Korean," and Daryl dismisses with a simple "Whatever."

Glenn Rhee

Along with Carl and Carol, Glenn is definitely on of the most surprising characters to have made it from Season 1 until now still alive. While he might have started out as a young, former pizza delivery man, in Season 5 he's a core member of the group. His quotes are filled with hilarity like the Season 1 comments to Rick, "Nice moves Clint Eastwood. You the new Sheriff come riding into clean up the town?" to the more supportive "We need each other to get to DC." from Season 5.

Maggie Greene

Maggie is our last character with a cool poster, and she looks like a absolutely femme fatale! With her quote to Father Gabriel about his church just becoming "Four walls and a roof," to the harsh "Get over yourself, you're not the only one who's lost something today," it shows the full scope of Maggie as a character. She's definitely someone I hope to see more of in Season 6!

Source: Reddit, 13 Deals


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