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The English translations in the Chinese version of Harry Potter are nothing short of hilarious and need little in the way of introduction. So, without further ado, allow me to present Hally Porter and the Stoned Melons...

1. Meet Hally, you'll be seeing a lot of her

2. No, shan't, don't want to

3. Those goddamn pigeons were always fucking off

3. Looking a bit melon-choly there, Tom

4. The master of Transfiguration

5. The one and only Hogawalz

6. Nope

7. Oh, no, he did not

8. What did he just call you?

9. A melon?

10. Waaaah!

11. Haayyy, huff, huff, paff, paff, paff...

12. "Ignore Professor Mike,"

13. That dude's diary

14. Nothing a little wax couldn't cure

15. Devastating

16. Beware the Bad Temper Boge

17. Harry Port got that X-Factor

18. ToteS a thing

19. Sucks for you, man

20. The Misusing Institute inspire your diet, Ron?

21. May the Fodi be with you

22. It's morphin' time!

23. Not for a minute, Hally

24. Hate it when that happens

25. Way better than that regular tap shit

26. Pity you cantaloupe...(sorry)

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