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Sometimes I play video games.
Rob Harris

Welcome to the terrifying future, where we don't just watch trailers - we play them.

Following on from the recent proliferation of interactive trailers, which both Bloodborne and Mad Max have both experimented with, Until Dawn's 'Choices' experience asks you to face your fears and make decisions that will have deadly consequences for this poor woman in a towel:

The non-linear film was "inspired by the emotional experience of Until Dawn," an upcoming horror game coming exclusively to the Playstation 4, and is actually pretty damn scary.

You'll have to play through multiple times to see every cursed nook and cranny of this haunted house. Keep your wits about you and good luck...

My journey didn't go so well...

What's that noise?

What could go wrong?

He's behind you!

The trailer is a nice little mood setter for the fully interactive experience to follow. For an idea of what to expect, check out Until Dawn's gameplay below:

Until Dawn will release exclusively for Playstation 4 on August 25.

[Source: YouTube]


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