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To be honest, I watched this film because curious of the hype on the Internet and other movie review blog. Even IMDB and rotten tomatoes give this movie a high rating.


Teenager named Jay slept with her new boyfriend Hugh. After that, she realized that she received curse that Hugh transferred through sexual intercourse. Jay began followed by a supernatural creature and began disrupting her life.

With hype like this, of course I have high expectations. But it seems the film is not so scary. I admit that I was surprised by some of the jump scare and disgusting appearance of spirits who follow Jay. The rest just like other horror movies. The idea is quite unique, the curse that can be removed through sexual intercourse. The storyline in this movie is quite fast and straightforward. Many observers say that 'IT' in the film are a symbol of PTSD. Well it is also true anyway, but I prefer to assume that `it 'is a supernatural creature.

Cinematography of this film is very creepy. The shoot scenes mostly at night with the sound of crickets. Location filming also just around the house and outdoors. The lack of music score in the film also adds a creepy element in this film.

In my opinion, the film is over rated. The Horror that is shown in the film is not comparable to the James Wan’s horror film such as Insidious James series and Conjuring which are have a bigger budget. The film has similarities with Babadook. It can be seen from the budget, cinematography and terror in the film.

But still the film is quite worth to watch


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