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The new DC cinematic universe, the DCEU, just started and we don't have yet many actors cast, so today i will leave here my thoughts of who should play our most loved comic family!

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Michael Fassbender- Bruce Wayne/ Batman


  • He has awesome acting skills
  • He has experience in superhero movies (X-men: First Class, X-men Days of Future Past)
  • He is a total badass actor
  • He is an experienced actor

Keira Knightley- Selina Kyle/ Catwoman


  • She is one of the most sexy woman in the world, and we all know that this is the speciality of Selina
  • She is one of the best actresses right now in hollywood
  • She is lovely
  • She is very experienced
  • She rocked in Pirates of Caribbean and in Imitation Game
  • She and Fassbender (my pick for Batman) were already a couple in "A Dangerous Method (2011)"

Kit Harrington- Dick Grayson/ Nightwing


  • He causes the same feelings on girls that also nightwing does, like my best friend says: "he is the sexiest, just look at his abbs, he is handsome!" and bla, bla, bla... that is exactly what nightwing does
  • He is Young
  • He is one of the best actors of his generation
  • We all love him in Game of Thrones
  • His hair is something to work but it would not be very difficult
  • He's got the body
  • He is badass
  • He is a fanfavourite
  • He has experience in fighting scenes (Pompeii, Game of Thrones...)

Now that his GOT characther is dead he have more free time to play a character like nightwing.

Emma Watson- Barbara Gordon/ Batgirl


  • We alll love her
  • She's got the looks
  • She is badass
  • She is also redhead
  • She is one of the most talented actresses in the world
  • She has a huge fanbase wich means more audience
  • She and Kit would fit perfectly (i hope)

Aaron Taylor-Johnson- Jason Todd/ Red Hood


  • He's got the looks
  • He's got the body
  • He's got the acting skills
  • He got the experience in superhero movies: Avengers: Age of Ultron

Now that Quicksilver died in Avengers 2 and Joss Whedon comfirmed that he will not comeback he is free to go to DC side

Logan Lerman- Tim Drake/ Robin


  • He was in "The Perks of Being a Wallflower" (2012) with Emma Watson (my batgirl pick) and they were both amazing
  • He's got the looks
  • He has great acting skills
  • He is young (23 years old)
  • He looks like a teenager

Evan Rachel Wood- Kate Kane/ Batwoman


  • She's got the looks
  • She is a redhead too
  • She is an excellent actress
  • She revealed to be bissexual in 2011, Batwoman is lesbian, so this would be really important, she would be much more comfortable to play a LGBT character than a heterosexual actress

Jeremy Irons- Alfred Pennyworth


  • He is so much experienced
  • He is so talented
  • He is old
  • He was the Warner Bros / DC pick
  • I loved him in the trailer:

Stephen James- Luke Fox/ Batwing


  • I think he could do an appearence or a cameo, but for now he would just be introduced as a civilian
  • He did good in Selma
  • He is young
  • He's got the looks

Emiley Kinney- Stephanie Brown/ Batgirl


  • Just like Stephen, I think Emiley would just make an appearence as a civillian Stephanie, like she did in Young Justice:
Stephanie Brown appearence in Young Justice season2
Stephanie Brown appearence in Young Justice season2
  • She is cute
  • She's got the looks
  • It would not be her first time with DC, she was in Flash
  • She is a great actress
  • She and Logan would fit perfectly

So this my Bat Family Dream cast, hope you like.

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