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As we recently discovered, thanks to an anonymous source from within Valve, Half-Life 3 won't be getting a release date - maybe forever. However, from this leak of information we did actually learn that Half-Life 3 exists. At the moment a skeleton crew of about ten people are developing the game, with no release date in sight. Valve seemingly isn't interested in releasing a game that could potentially damage their reputation.

In its current state, all of the story for Half-Life 3 is written and several of its gameplay sections are finished. However, we can assume that the release of Mass Effect 3 and the backlash towards its ending is what completely halted production. Therefore, what's going to happen to it? Will they keep it there for years and then release it in some other Orange Box? Or will it stay inside their offices forever?

Half-Life 3
Half-Life 3

Half-Life 3: If Valve Released the Story, Would You Read it?

If all of this information about Valve and Half-Life 3 is accurate, why haven't they released any information about the game? Theoretically, if the company has no plans on releasing Half-Life anytime soon, we must assume that they do want to keep their options open. There may come a day where releasing Half-Life 3 is a good idea, but in order to modernise it they'd have to invest a lot of money into the project. Whether they're willing to do that or not is completely unknown.

Half-Life 3
Half-Life 3

But if they offered to release the plot of Half-Life 3, along with the gameplay innovations that they had planned to develop for it, would you take the offer? It's a poor substitute for actually being able to play Half-Life 3, but that option doesn't seem like a viable one for the foreseeable future. If you could be handed the conclusion to the Half-Life series, would you settle for it? Or perhaps even in the form of an animated film?

I'm purely interested to see if fans of the series are willing to obtain information about the ending of the trilogy in any form. Is the Half-Life 3 that you've dreamt of the only way that you can accept this story? Our expectations for this game is partly why Valve won't release it. What we've imagined of this sequel will probably never become reality. But let us know where you stand on Half-Life 3 in the comments and whether you'd like to obtain the details of the story!


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