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Tune-in to experience the best action-adventure this August, which will make a great binge watching experience for you.

Here comes the month to feel free and make your independent choices. Set reminders to follow your passion and stick to your personal favourites. HBO India is bringing up numerous action-adventure and horror-thriller flicks to keep you glued to your television sets. Catch the latest action on the block and watch the films that created quite a furore and sent the cash registers ringing.

Who am I?

Classic in the list is the 1998 comedy film starring Jackie Chan in the lead. The story is about a rigorously trained commando who often leads to a comic situation as he is suffering from Amnesia and keeps asking to himself, ‘Who Am I?’ The movie runs for 103 minutes and showcases a mixture of adventure and comedy with action-packed entertainment.

Escape Plan

Catch up with Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger in this 2013 action thriller. Sylvester plays Ray Breslin, a structural engineer who co-owns a security firm that specialises in checking the reliability of the prisons for their maximum security. He studies the design of prisons to trace their weaknesses. The 115 minutes’ film has a twist when Ray lands up in the most secure prison only to chart out the perfect escape plan without an outside help.

Transformers: Age of Extinction

This film has action based on science fiction that is made in 3D and is the fourth in the Transformers series. The 165 minutes’ film stars Mark Wahlberg and it opens with the sight of a torn city in the aftermath of a great war. As the world turns to picking up the leftover pieces, the Autobots and Optimus Prime join hands with a mechanic Cade Yeager to face the challenging victory of good over evil.


Godzilla is a 2014 science fiction action movie directed by Gareth Edwards and is 29th in number out of the Godzilla series. The 123 minutes’ film stars Aaron Taylor- Johnson and Elizabeth Olsen in the main lead. The story is about how Godzilla rises from its slumber to save earth from the massive unidentified terrestrial creatures who are set to destroy peace by threatening the existence of humans.

The Conjuring

It is a horror movie made in 2013 that stars Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga in the prominent roles. They play the paranormal investigators, Warrens who come to the rescue of a family which is terrorized owing to the presence of dark forces. In a 112 minutes film, the ghost hunters are caught up in solving a mystery that has put many lives at stake.

Watch these action-adventure flicks slated for the August month telecast only on HBO India.


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