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(Warning - potential, albeit speculative, SPOILERS for Daredevil Season 2 lie below, as well as images of what The Punisher is going to look like on screen. As Taylor Swift so sagely advised: "Don't say I didn't say I didn't warn ya"...)

Now, with Netflix's debut collaboration with Marvel - this year's first season of Daredevil - having proven so beloved by fans and critics alike, expectations are sky high for the online streaming service's upcoming projects within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Jessica Jones is set to debut within the next few months, but for many fans, a whole lot of over-excitement is already heading in the direction of Daredevil Season 2, expected to hit Netflix in 2016.

A big cause of all of that excitement? The imminent arrival in the show of Jon Bernthal as the Punisher - which looks set to get all the more exciting, since:

Jon Bernthal Is Getting More and More Punisher-Like by the Day

Or, rather, the on-set pictures that are making their way to our computer screens (with these latest ones coming via the ever-intrepid JustJared) seem to be teasing an increasingly comic book familiar Punisher.

Y'see, while our first look simply showed Bernthal in a Punisher-like coat...

...and the next peek being of him snapping the neck of a criminal of some sort (without his traditional costume)...

...the latest images seem to suggest that Bernthal's Punisher will eventually graduate to wearing the sort of body armor his one-man assault on crime would seem to necessitate:

That, in turn, might just imply that we're set to see a very similar costume progression to Daredevil's in the show's first season, with the Punisher not truly becoming his comic book self - and donning the iconic skull-shirt - until the final episode or two.

Whether we'll get the chance to see that major money-shot before the show's release, however, very much remains to be seen. Daredevil did an excellent job of keeping some of its biggest visual secrets hidden until just before the show's arrival, so there's every chance that we won't catch a glimpse of 'full' Punisher until 2016. Or, alternatively, Bernthal could wander out of a convenience store in his full costume tomorrow.

Indeed, it's still theoretically possible that we won't see quite the iconic outfit we've all been expecting - with a less obvious costume taking its place. Seeing as we did ultimately see a surprisingly faithful Daredevil costume, though, that particular outcome doesn't seem all that likely...

What do you think, though?

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