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Setting the standards at extremely aspirational heights, the beacon of hope and willpower tends to fall on the shoulders of the rich and famous. Their glowing skin and to-die-for abs motivate us mere mortals into getting our sneakers on and forcing our bums into gear. Rather than promoting an unnatural and unachievable shape, these celebrities have taken to Instagram to show that strong, flexible and healthy is the ultimate goal.

Here are 19 inspirational images of Instagram's ass-kicking celebs.

1. Lady Gaga

2. Lena Dunham

3. Hugh Jackman

4. Serena Williams

5. Joe Manganiello

6. Lea Michelle

7. Tom Hardy

8. Khloé Kardashian

9. Jesse Metcalfe

10. Jessica Alba

11. Chris Pratt

12. Ellie Goulding

13. Britney Spears

14. The Kardashian Sisters

15. Miley Cyrus

16. Taylor Swift

17. Jennifer Lopez

18. Zoe Saldana

19. Ronda Rousey

(Source: Cosmopolitan)


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