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Rob Harris

Dust off your spirit board and turn out the lights, because the sequel to last year's Ouija has just been confirmed.

The terrifying horror franchise comes from the demented minds that brought you The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Insidious, so you know exactly what kind of fright you're in for. To be honest, I don't know if I'm ready for another round if it turns out to be as pants-soiling as the first.

Director Mike Flanagan will helm Ouija 2, his previous work including Before I Wake, Oculus and Absentia.

The sequel will have a tough act to follow, the first movie grossing an impressive $102.5 million against a modest $5 million budget.

Further details on Ouija 2 are slim at the moment, but watch this space for the latest developments.

[Source: THR]


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