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Just months after a big media push for her women's rights-focused Slut Walk, model and actress Amber Rose has received the shocking news that her identity was being used to lure models into a prostitution ring.

The vocal advocate for gender equality and sexual justice had no idea that her association was being used to legitimize an L.A. company posing as a modeling solicitor. Despite the fact that Rose never gave her consent, the company claimed that she was the primary person responsible for choosing the models, and it only gets more disturbing from there.

Unsuspecting young women saw this post on Instagram advertising a "paid celebrity photoshoot"

via TMZ
via TMZ

When one respondent realized that things weren't quite right, she filed a police report that brought this upsetting reality to light. According to that report, when aspiring models contacted the company, they were told that Amber Rose was the one responsible for picking who got the job.

The company would then set up a fake FaceTime session with Amber Rose

Though the video segment may have looked real to some, it was actually pulled from this old uStream that Rose did with fans a while back. The applicants would only see the part where Amber struggles with her Internet connection and gets cut off before the video chat abruptly ended.

Later, the company would assign the models to a date with a "rich guy" and ask them if they would be "willing to be intimate." The implication was that this would help them get the modeling job and eventually work with Amber Rose.

The LAPD is currently investigating, but that certainly doesn't make this case any less frightening. Amber Rose has not yet commented, but I really hope that no one was hurt by this elaborate scheme.

(Source: TMZ)


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