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Well, it appears Jurassic World screenwriter Derek Connolly has another gig. I'm sure he's probably just been chilling on an island somewhere and enjoying the huge numbers put up by his collaborative script that he wrote with Colin Trevorrow and others.

But he'll be visiting an island of a different sort for the next King Kong film. His next job is tweaking the writing on [Kong: Skull Island](tag:1139115), which is set to feature Tom Hiddleston, Brie Larson, and Corey Hawkins. There's rumored involvement from Samuel L. Jackson, who truly has to be arguably the most fun guy in Hollywood to write for, as well.

There have been rough drafts already by Tony Gilroy, John Gatins, and Max Borenstein. The film is set to hit theaters March 10, 2017, so the man has time to get it right. And hopefully, bring in some more moolah with another hit blockbuster movie! Godspeed, Derek.

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