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Hey guys, since I'm a new writer, I want you to get to know where I stand on things. Me personally, I read a lot of articles and I love reading lists, so, you're here already, so, this is my first Worst to Best list of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Let me get this out also, I love all these movies, some I adore closer to my heart. Okay!


Where did these even come from?
Where did these even come from?

12. Iron Man 3 (2013)

Now, I wouldn't call this a bad movie, but this one tried to be an action-packed finale to a trilogy. The Mandarin, we will have finally got a good villain in an Iron Man movie and they put a twist on that. It bothers me when Tony said he quits as Iron Man and says he's done and then we see him fighting with the Avengers without question. This is a cinematic universe, everything needs to connect. Shane Black had a story and wasn't thinking about connection, he was just ending the trilogy. Oh wait, we get more than a dozen references to the battle of New York or "the guy with the hammer". At this point, have the Avengers show up. Instead of that, we get an army of Iron Man's that came out of no where. Let's be fair and say they we're built during this movie, but there is hundreds of them! Tony must have been working on this forever, since the original movie! Where we're these during the fights at the end of Iron 1, 2 and the Battle of New York, and if we're just talking about this movie, where we're they when Tony's house blew up? Wouldn't they be in his house? If they we're, wouldn't they have got blown up! Iron Man 3 has a lot of problems, I don't hate it, it's just my least favorite of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

By odin's beard???
By odin's beard???

11. Thor: The Dark World (2013)

This isn't a bad movie, I like it. It just doesn't stand with the big ones. I enjoy Asgard and how we got to expand that universe. The problem is, Malekith is a bad villain. If you take all the MAIN villains from all 12 movies, Malekith is the worst. There is no development with him at all. He's just this extra-terrestrial guy that looks like an evil- albino Yoda. Thor in this has definitely changed and I like that development. The movie in general isn't horrible, it's just a forgettable movie. I watched this a few months ago and it takes me a little just to remember some things. I think Thor: Ragnarok will be the best Thor film by far and will do the franchise so much justice and we will see the 9 realms in its entirety. We're all excited for all the other fantastic Phase 3 films that we almost throw this one under the dust but I think this movie is going to be great. Anyways, Thor: The Dark World, unforgettable.

10. Iron Man 2 (2010)

This movie isn't bad like most people put it out to be, I like it. It really does focus on the reality part of what would happen if someone built an Iron Man suit, the perfect weapon, a little bit like the Ant-Man suit. The government would get involved and try and take it and other people would try and replicate it, good. The relationship between Tony and Rhodey is quite good. Also, we get to meet Black Widow, a great introduction. Jon Favereau takes the first movie and continues the story. Whiplash isn't necessarily a great villain at the same time though. His battle at the end with Iron Man and War Machine was a pretty great battle. Yes, the development of War Machine was good. Just like Thor 2, this movie can also be a bit forgettable, though. It's a good movie overall.


9. The Incredible Hulk (2008)

Okay guys, don't kill me for saying this but, I like this movie, a lot. If it was by itself it would be great. Mark Ruffalo is a much better Hulk than Edward Norton but the story is pretty decent for a Hulk film! It's very hard to make a Hulk film, just look at the 2003 film. The movie introduced The Abomination who I hope will return because his justice was really never served well. That last battle scene with Hulk vs. Abomination is awesome, even to the people who hate this film. This film showed Tony Stark and we now knew about the Avengers. We we're seeing something we've never seen before, a cinematic movie universe. The Incredible Hulk is a good movie, if you don't agree, go and watch it again with an open mind.

8. Thor

We are introduced to the son of Odin and the best MCU villain yet, Loki. We get to see the realm of Asgard as we explore the Warriors of Three to in the Ice Giants. I just wish we saw more adventures with Thor on Asgard because now it's really too late to see anything like that because spoiler but Asgard will be destroyed in Thor: Ragnarok. We got to see one adventure with Thor, Lady Sif, Loki, and the Three Warriors. I wish we saw more of that, I would've loved that. The time Thor spent on Earth could've been shorten of those Jane and Darcy scenes. Also, The Destroyer was a little weird but alright. Thor vs. Loki was much better. I wish he only went to Earth after he fought Loki at the end of the movie because he knew the Tesseract was there, he would meet Jane and then some tie-in's with the Avengers. We get most of the movie on Asgard and the Earth scenes are just plain awesome! Thor is a great movie.

7. Iron Man

I never thought this film would ever get this low because it's frikkin genius! It was tough ranking this with the next few because here on is where the movies get to be the awesome Marvel movies, and this one started it all. Robert Downey Jr. put his own take on Tony Stark and now is so iconic to the role that Marvel is paying him $40 million to be in their next film. It's almost like something Tony Stark would make Marvel do. This is where we see the Iron Man suit and it blew everyone away. I can't say much that Iron Man was a great film. If it wasn't, there would be no MCU.

6. Captain America: The First Avenger

A bunch of you are probably going crazy that this film is higher than Iron Man but this is one of my favorites. It's just classic. I love the Red Skull, I just want more of him. We see the transformation of Steve Rogers into Captain America and then fighting in World War II! That's so awesome! Hayley Atwell is great, we see him and Bucky fighting together and it's just a Captain America film that you want and just sets up even better for the future.

5. Ant-Man

This is such a great movie! The most recent Marvel film was such a pleasant surprise. This was a unique Marvel movie and that is that it's a heist film. It just worked so well. Paul Rudd is awesome as Ant-Man and even better is Michael Douglas as Hank Pym. That was a great performance. Yellowjacket was a good villain and he served his role. He actually made sense as a villain and why he did the things he was doing: because he thought what he was doing was right. Ant-Man literally took a smaller storyline where it wasn't like Age of Ultron bad. It's a self-contained problem. This movie was hilarious, Michael Pena was so funny, he stole every scene. The father-son relationships between Hank and Hope and Scott and Cassie are nice to see. The cinematography for the shrinking just looked so great and I can't wait to see him with the Avengers because, hey, the fight with Falcon was pretty damn cool!

4. Captain America: The Winter Soldier

I had to think about the placement of these top 5 films because they are all fantastic. No, not in the Fant4stic way, for movie reviews, the word 'fantastic' is now a negative word; but yea these top 5 films are so awesome! Winter Soldier is the coolest spy thriller ever. Going from World War II to present day, things have changed and Cap is adjusting. We got to really get into the characters of Steve Rogers, Black Widow, and Nick Fury and in such an interesting way. Falcon was an awesome character along with Winter Soldier. I love how S.H.I.E.L.D. has been corrupted the whole time, so many plot twists, it's just awesome.

3. The Avengers

Here we go, the moment all the Phase 1 movies we're leading up to, The Avengers. Josh Whedon really nailed this one out of the park. We have seen these 6 characters now to form one team fighting Loki, the best super villain of the MCU. 'Nuff said.

2. Guardians of the Galaxy

The Star Wars of the MCU, Guardians suprised us all and was a smash hit. No one but Marvel could pull this movie off, no one. I mean, come on, there's a talking raccoon and tree and now their some people's favorite superhero's. This really expanded the MCU in such a great way in this epic space opera. This was funny and had awesome actions and scenes. Seeing Thanos wanted you to crap your pants. Good job Marvel.

1. Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015)

These top 5 could honestly be switched around. All I know is I loved this movie, better than the first. It was so epic with Ultron, Vision, oh my god I wrote an article on this right before this one so go read it. People say their are problems but they are just knitpicking. I love this but I could easily put Winter Soldier, Guardians, or even Ant- Man here.


I love all the MCU and all it has to offer. There's my list, but what is yours?


What is your favorite Marvel Cinematic Universe film?

What are your favorite MCU film and why?


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