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The power of online media platforms can no longer be denied. Fans and fan driven content has transcended into a fully commercial enterprise. Whether it be online stars advertising products via Vines, Facebook pages adding links to memes or celebrity bloggers reviewing merchandise, the power of fan driven consumerism is rampant in modern culture.

Now, it's the turn of devinsupertramp, a popular YouTube star who's videos usually feature extreme sports or stunts with incredible GoPro shot footage. You may also remember devinsupertramp as the studio who brought Assassins Creed 4 to life at Comic-Con back in 2013.

WB Games took advantage of his 3m+ subscribers and sponsored their latest, and quite possibly most epic video to date. In stunning 4k quality, the team at devinsupertramp has recreated the amazing chase scene from Mad Max: Fury Road in a near identical location. Check out the footage below:

WB Games and Avalanche Studios have teamed up on the upcoming game Mad Max with the marketing already proving successful with fans of the franchise. The game looks epic in scope, but this latest piece of marketing genius takes it to a whole new level.

The above footage comes hot on the heels of the recently release Choose Your Path interactive trailer, posted on the madmaxgame official YouTube account. If the drive and creativity behind the marketing campaign is anything to go by, then it looks like the upcoming Mad Max game is set to be truly epic.

All the Mad Max GoKarts were eloquently made by Seth Jones and Andy Sims, with cinematography by Devin Graham, Dakota Walbeck, Nick Sales and stunning drone footage coming thanks to Dakota Walbeck using the Inspire One.


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