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Themed cafes are pretty commonplace across the board in Asia; Japan's famous Gundam cafe has made headlines more times than this writer can count. So while it's not a massive surprised that a chain of cafes based on DC Comics' heroes has opened across the pond, it sure is exciting. As classic Dick Grayson might say: "Holy cheeseburger goodness, Batman!"

The family-style restaurants began popping up this year courtesy of JT Network, which has the rights to sell DC-related merchandise throughout Asia. The chain's locations feature themed menus, a Joker-themed play area, and photo walls to commemorate the guest experience -- but all of that pales in comparison to the unique, interesting plates delivered to each table.

All of the items are themed around superhero stories from DC comics, and iconic characters take center stage on each plate.

A Delicious Batman Breakfast

Beef Up with this Superman Burger

Green Lantern Loves Avocados

The staff is made up entirely of fans with the culinary prowess that only serves to compliment the theme itself - and, let's be honest, adorable cooks expressing their fandom is always great.

The establishments have become extremely famous, serving as a hotspot for geeks to visit overseas with an especially super atmosphere. Once you're done with your meal, you can check out the shop, filled with DC goodies to take home.

So far, the chain -- known as the DC Superheroes Cafe -- is located in Kuala Lumpur and Johor, Malaysia, and the company plans to expand to Singapore soon.


Would you eat at a DC Comics Cafe if they were in America?


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