ByFrancisco Montoya, writer at

Every now and then I watch a movie and think, "Why?". This happens to be one of those. To be honest, I'm not sure if they were trying to be funny or not, or making a spoof.... I was confused. Maybe it was the bad writing or the delivery of that, or probably both. About the only thing that was decent on this was the makeup/costumes.

So a quick sum up, this movie is about a guy who's uncle passed away and he left in his possession a barrel of some nasty chemicals that brings back the dead. Nothing too bad so far. So guy gets one of his friends, who happens to be a scientific genius, to help him find out what exactly this stuff is. After some testing he can't really put his finger on what it is as it has traces of several different chemicals. So what does one other friend do? Why let's taste it! He starts to trip and then come back to reality and instead of being worried about what just happened, they decide to make some pills out of this stuff and sell it! Genius! So they do, and the rest you pretty much knows what happens. People start turning into zombies and there starts the battle of zombies vs humans. With the help of some government agents from another country , they're able to fight them and kill almost all of them off.

It's not the worst movie I've seen, but man, it was not good. I hope you all appreciate the sacrifices that I'm making here, watching such horrible movies so that you all can avoid them. And void this one, you must.


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