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One of the most talked about images from the last trailer of [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870), wasn't of Batman fighting like he was in the Arkham Knight video game. Or Superman tearing the doors off of the Batmobile like a stoner opening a Twinkie wrapper. No, it was the solemn opening, featuring a congressional hearing with Superman as the guest of dishonor that caught the attention of most viewers.

The hearing scene was followed by a cut to Bruce Wayne watching the Wayne Financial building get sliced in two, so it was a natural assumption that Superman was simply answering for the destruction caused in Man of Steel. (Which still has to be at least a small part of the equation.) However, according to a report today from That Hashtag Show, Superman is appearing before Congress for his actions within Dawn of Justice.


That Hashtag Show was able to go into detail and explain how Superman (Henry Cavill) gets himself into so much trouble in the upcoming film. Reporter Lois Lane (Amy Adams) is sent to Kahndaq, a fictional country in the Middle East, which is going through some sort of political turmoil or civil war. While reporting on the war, she and her party get attacked by insurgents. Superman sweeps in to save Lois and the soldiers that she is with. Superman's rescue becomes an international incident because apparently Kahndaq doesn't allow Superman in their airspace, which is presumably a violation of an established treaty. Superman is called before Congress and is forced to defend his past actions and makes his independence from the government clear. Then suddenly Superman loses control of his powers, due to a manipulation of Lex Luthor, resulting in the death of General Swanwick. This solidifies Superman's role as a villain in many people's eyes.

Lois being on assignment in the Middle East may possibly explain some of the mysterious shots that were glimpsed in the trailer. Of even more interest to the bigger DC universe picture, is that she is in Kahndaq. In DC Comics, Kahndaq is the birthplace of Shazam antagonist, Black Adam, over 3,ooo years ago. The Rock has already confirmed that he will be playing the character in future DC movies including Shazam. While there probably won't be any further Easter Eggs for the character, it is a clue into how the film universe could one day expand.

The other huge aspect of this report is that it gives us our first glimpse into the villainy of Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg). It still hasn't been revealed how Luthor fits into the conflict between Batman and Superman, however it is clear that he is a puppet master in the story. It has been widely speculated that Luthor is experimenting on the Kryptonian corpse of General Zod and with the inclusion of kryptonite in this installment, it opens up a lot of avenues for disruption. More importantly, this event seems that it would solidify the conflict between Superman and Batman, who seems to be a stand-in for the skeptics. Check out the full video below!

It looks like next year we will get a more complex and layered DC Comics experience than anyone may be expecting. Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice opens on March 25th, 2016.


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