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[Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.](tag:722469) has gone from strength to strength lately, proving that Marvel's gamble on TV really paid off. After a thrilling conclusion to season 2 that left plenty of unanswered questions while wrapping up the story arcs, Agents of Shield season 3 is shaping up to be the show's best yet!

But the team are in for some major changes, and a time skip means that we'll be seeing a very different Shield when the show returns in season 3. So join us as we take a peek into what's in store but beware, there's many spoilers to be found!

The Search For Jemma

Vanished without a trace.
Vanished without a trace.

Jemma Simmons' actress Elizabeth Henstridge was the one to break the news about the time jump before Agents of Shield season 3 when describing Fitz's dedication to finding Jemma.

"There's been such a big time gap, so one of the main focuses is that some of the characters have almost -- not given up, but have been like, 'We've tried everything.' Fitz is that one person who's like, 'Not everything'."

This paints a pretty bleak picture for Jemma. Wherever she is, she's stranded and possibly in trouble. And whatever's happening to her is going to be a game changer for the show!

According to Henstridge, we're going to see Jemma in an alien realm, which will be a very ambitious move for the ABC show. When she first read the scripts she was delighted, but apparently had questions about how they would even film it. Which makes us very excited! What weird things is she encountering? And how will that affect the fate of the team (and humanity for that matter). Agents of Shield is reaching new levels of storytelling in each season, going from a quirky spy flick, to a gritty story about the dark consequences of aliens and experimentation. Could these new developments push the show to exciting new thrills? And what will happen to the team while Jemma is gone?

Major Changes for Shield

The cast of Agents of Shield have been oh so eager to spill the beans about season 3 recently, and it seems as though there will be some big changes for Jemma to adjust to when she eventually returns.

No more May and Skye
No more May and Skye

After Skye left to form her own team, Agent May is on the fence about staying with Shield. Ming Na Wen gave some insight on her character's dilemma.

"That there was definitely a lot of corruption to Shield, as well as uncertainty now with the Inhumans being brought in by Coulson. It's going to be figuring out her final decision [on whether to stay] in Season 3."

As a driving force in the team, May's departure would be devastating, but there are plenty more changes to come. Skye seems to have moved on to her new mission, and will leap into forming the Inhuman team (Secret Warriors anyone?) with gusto. And she won't be alone...

Chloe Bennett gushed about teaming up with Mack, though this may cause some problems between her and fellow Inhuman Lincoln. Could we see some romantic drama for Skye in season 3? But she may not have time to think about love, as Shield will have a new rival agency to contend with as they grapple with the new Hydra with Ward at the helm.

An Uncertain Future

More trouble for Shield
More trouble for Shield

Entertainment Weekly recently revealed that Agents of Shield season 3 would feature a brand new antagonist leading a mysterious government agency that will clash with Shield. The Inhumans will have to defend their right to exist, while Ward rebuilds Hydra, as Brett Dalton revealed.

"I think that Hydra doesn't have a sense of leadership at this point. It's a ship in need of captaining. Ward has elected himself, and he's a hero in that story."

It seems as though Hydra will continue to be a thorn in Shield's side, and with months to cause trouble the situation could be radically different when we see the team again after the time skip.

Season 3 will definitely not be easy for Shield, but for us it'll be a lot of fun! We can't wait to see what's in store. But what do you think?


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