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A couple short months ago we saw the first teaser for this film, and it gave us a great sense of what it was all about. Today we got the official trailer, and it is almost the exact same cut of footage. In fact, the official trailer is actually shorter than the teaser trailer itself. With all of this said, I still loved experiencing both trailers and seeing the visuals in each. So, let's "get to work" and break down The Martian official trailer.

The Shift In Tone

In the teaser trailer, I didn't particularly like that everyone was sad and that the overall tone was a bit dark. I didn't feel as if this tone matched some of the more comedic lines being delivered in the trailer. However, with the addition of some Jimi Hendrix, this trailer is helping create a tone that is much more suited to the film. In fact, I loved how the beginning picks up where the other left off; this trailer starts very dreary, and then everything switches once Matt Damon says

"I'm still alive...Surprise!"

I loved this! This line is when the Jimi Hendrix kicks in and the trailer is nothing but rock and roll from there on out. It all just fits so naturally with Matt Damon's character's outlook on life.

The Stunning Cinematography

Ridley Scott is no novice when it comes to capturing the beauty of the worlds his movies inhabit. The martian landscape shown in the trailer is nothing short of magnificent. It looks as desolate as one would expect, but it also has a brilliance to it as well. Perhaps even more beautiful are the shots from inside the Hab (the habitat that the crew erects on the surface of Mars). There we get to see Mark Watney produce crops and a means of communication.

The juxtaposition of close-up shots and wide landscape shots help you feel claustrophobic with Mark in the Hab, but also stranded and lonely on the surface of Mars. Despite Ridley Scott's recent shortcomings, he has always been a master at telling a story through his cinematography.

Great Dialogue

Although a lot of the dialogue in this trailer was previously heard in the first teaser trailer, we got some added lines that really help add to overall tone of the film. We also get a great sense of the characters' motivations through their dialogue. For instance, my favorite line from both trailers so far is:

"I'm going to have to science the shit out of this."

While addressing the seemingly impossible task of creating not only water but also food to last for four years, this line tells you a lot about Watney's morale. Instead of seeing this situation as a damning exile, he sees it as an opportunity to rise above and survive on this lifeless planet.

Another great bit of dialogue is when Jeff Daniels is speaking to Sean Bean about the risk they are taking to save Watney:

Daniels: "I'm not risking their lives. It's bigger than one person."
Bean: "No, it's not."

It tells you a lot about the scope of the film and the real meaning of leaving someone behind. Beyond that, saving Watney would be a great scientific achievement because he found a way to survive on a planet that was thought to be uninhabitable.

There are other great quick quotes from the ship's crew that really help display their regret for leaving Mark to die. This is so important to establish because in most movies, people risk their lives to save someone they are in love with romantically, but in this movie, the crew is risking their lives to save a friend. In order to portray this correctly, they'll have to show the physical toll that remorse takes on each of them, and you really hear that in their voices in this trailer.

The Performances

Like I said earlier, Ridley Scott has been on a bit of a cold-streak, but I think with the cast he's put together in this film there's a lot of potential for this movie to be great. You can really feel the camaraderie and brotherhood amongst the crew, and you really believe that they are feeling the pain of losing Watney. Everyone in this film has either been on the Oscar's radar, or been an indie star, so I have no doubt that every single person in this cast is going to deliver a stellar performance. More so than anyone, I think Matt Damon will give, perhaps, the performance of his career. When an actor must portray all ranges of emotions with no other characters to interact with, the result is either disastrous or amazing. From what we've seen so far in the two trailers, I really believe Matt Damon's performance is going to be nothing short of amazing.

Now that you've seen the awesome trailer for The Martian, what did you think of it? I am really excited for this film, and I can't wait to see Ridley Scott shine again, as well as see this cast perform.


What did you think of this trailer?


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