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James Monroe

Hey! whats up? To be honest, i am not happy. Since 20th Century Fox announced a Fantastic Four sequel, i felt very bad, since the "REBOOT" didn't got more than 10 % of favoritism. But we are getting out of the topic.

With Captain America: Civil War coming sooner, I wanted to talk about another good saga marvel should use, "Avengers vs X-Men". It sounds crazy but is possible for a Phase 4 MCU movie, IF Fox is willing to work together with Marvel Studios.

Since Fox hasn't announce a sequel to X-Men: Apocalypse, we might see the end of one of the greatest heroes that, ironically, started the superhero era which gave us movies like The Avengers, Ghost Rider, Fantastic Four, Guardians of the Galaxy, etc. So to make the X-Men universe expand, we could add the Might Avengers and put them against each other. Remember that the X-Men live in another Parallel Universe, so its a great plot to make them travel through the MCU and join for the Phase 4, this would not only fill with joy all the fans of marvel, but it could produce a great amount of money for both, Fox and Marvel Studios.

Lets hope that idea gets real, just like spiderman joining the avengers


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