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It's official: Stardust's feud with [Arrow](tag:720988)'s Stephen Amell will (possibly) end with a final tag-team match at this sunday's SummerSlam, hosted by The Daily Show's Jon Stewart. But as we ramp up toward the big event, advertised as the biggest event of the summer, it seems that the Dark Prince has a few more choice words for the actor.


Amell is set to team up with Stardust's rival, Neville, against Stardust and "Cosmic King" Barrett. Not to be outdone, the actor retorted on his social media, with dark and foreboding words for his future opponent:

What's more, Amell has decided to turn the event into a charitable effort, further proving that he is absolutely the hero that WWE needs:

WWE's SummerSlam event airs this Sunday at 7PM ET/4PM PT.


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