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Victor Frankenstein, the latest remake among the horror genre, recently released a new trailer. Daniel Radcliff and James McAvoy star in this adaptation that asks the question, "should mankind play god?" The trailer released seems to have a bit of comedy mixed in with the horror aspects that makes Frankenstein entertaining.

Radcliff places Igor, a version without the hump or limp to go with the popular character. McAvoy is the title character, the mad scientist who brings the dead back to life with no moral compass to what he's doing.

The retelling of this story gives us nothing new to see, just the same story we've seen for decades with a different actor and better effects to go along with it. The trailer leads us to believe that after spending the majority of the film trying to bring a creature to life, we'll witness the character's in the third act trying to destroy it. An animal seems to have escaped and is running rampant in the streets, the filmmakers attempt to bring a new twist into the well known story. A love interest, of course, is along for the ride; whether or not this love interest will become the Bride of Frankenstein in the end is uncertain.

This trailer didn't excite me, not even a little bit. I'm sick of remakes of classic films. I can't stand that Hollywood keeps going back to what was popular 80 years ago when what really needs to happen is an original story. How hard is it to actually find a new story? Maybe if producer's looked elsewhere besides getting the same writers who can't seem to use their imaginations to construct anything new.

This trailer wasn't anything great and I'm honestly not looking forward to this new take on Frankenstein.


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