ByJanet Kizer, writer at
She could have made her vampires sweat diamonds if she wanted. Does that mean it would have been a good idea? Not in my opinion, because stuff like that ruins the vampire mythology. That is Colin's point, and mine, too. You are entitled to like the idea of sparkly vampires, but we are entitled to criticize it based upon vampire mythology. I bought the first book when people were oohing and ahhing over it, and half way through, I flung it across the room. Not only because of the sparkly vampires, but because of how weak and stupid Bella was. Judging by the reviews of the later books, I made a good choice. I tried watching the first movie, because people kept telling me it was better than the books, but I couldn't get past the first few minutes. And before you tell me I have no right to comment if I haven't read all the books and all the movies, well, yes I do have the right. I couldn't finish the first book or the first movie because they were so bad. That's my review.

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