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Hugh Jackman has become somewhat of a Twitter master in recent weeks, stoking the fan frenzy with timely tweets and hints about his final outing as Logan in the third installment of the Wolverine franchise.

He's dropped major hints about Old Man Logan being the storyline, but he also put out a tweet a couple of days ago pretty much guaranteeing a return of Victor Creed, A.K.A Sabertooth.

It's no secret that Wolverine: Origins was not a great film, but the best part of that film was Liev Schreiber's performance as Logan's half-brother Victor. He was able to portray Creed as the evil side of the family while retaining some of that laconic humor that he is known for...I also defy anyone not to cheer in his scene with Will I Am...

Jackman's latest tweet seemingly sent out a challenge, and Schrieber has indeed answered it, indicating he's ready to take the role if asked, and apparently put in some hours on the punch bag to get in the relevant shape.

Personally, I think it's great news, if agreement can be reached, it seems fitting that Sabretooth be a major part of the final outing. Hopefully we can get a version of the "birthday surprise" angle that the comics did so well, where Creed shows up every year on Logan's birthday to fight him.

Even if Schrieber had a cameo and this last visit to Old Man Logan ends in his death, it'd be a great start to the movie. I can see an exchange about how they've done this every year for the past ahem X number of years... only this time Logan finally finishes the job.

Is Schrieber the right guy for the job still or do you think he was horribly miscast to begin with?

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