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Andranik Kulikyan

Remember Michael Jordan trying to transition from basketball to acting? Even if it didn't work out very well, one of the highlights of that attempt was Space Jam, which really worked because he was basically playing himself.

With that in mind Space Jam 2 might be on the way because Lebron James has signed a contract with Warner Bros. to appear in upcoming movies. And even though the studio has not yet announced which movies they might utilize Lebron in, but Lebron has recently given an interview showing his interest in remaking the Space Jam. And I would love to see that happen please.

Lebron had a decent part in Trainwreck, the recent comedy of Amy Schumer and even though I haven't seen it yet, many people are saying that Lebron was actually really good in the movie and was definitely the biggest revelation. And the signing of the contract with Warner Bros. happened right after the Trainwreck was released. Which means the studio went from not even thinking about Space Jam to Lebron is actually really good, why not make a Space Jam with him. Plus with today's graphics it would look amazing.


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