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There has been a lot of buzz regarding the superhero movies we have still coming to us from now until 2020. It's no question that many of the most intriguing releases are coming from Marvel Studios and one of those films is Captain Marvel. Not only will it be Marvel Studios' first female-led superhero movie, but it will introduce us to what some consider to be the most powerful character in the Marvel Universe.

With the film adaptation we will see Carol Danvers as Captain Marvel and it's a bit interesting that although we had casting announcements for both Doctor Strange and Black Panther when the films were released, we still have absolutely zero casting announcements for Captain Marvel. Not to mention everlasting internet rumors that we might get our first glimpse Carol Danvers as early as either installment of Avengers: Infinity War. This led me to think which women currently in Hollywood are the best candidates for this extremely important role.

While some of these choices are popular Hollywood stars, you might not have heard of all of these women and I like it that way. Not every actress capable is right in front of our faces or considered an A-List star. In other words, I don't want actresses Jennifer Lawrence or Emma Stone. Those choices are way too easy. Not to mention Jennifer Lawrence has already belonged to two massive franchises, X-Men and The Hunger Games. It's also a shame that Margot Robbie is in the DC Comics crowd now, but we shouldn't focus on what we can't change. Let's think outside of the box here.

14. Katee Sackhoff

Sackhoff's been rumored throughout the internet for the role of Carol Danvers since the project was announced, but nothing has come of the rumors just yet. She's popular among fans for her work in Battlestar Galactica and Longmire, so she definitely has her sci-fi cred and could bring a lot to the role. Even after the time that has elapsed since the project's announcement, I still think a lot of people consider her the frontrunner.

13. Gina Carano

Kind of a given due to how popular Carano has become, but if they're looking for a strong female lead they would definitely have it right here. A former UFC fighter, Carano has already been featured alongside Dwayne Johnson in the Fast and Furious franchise and is rumored to lead an all-female Expendables film at some point.

12. Riley Keough

A somewhat unconventional choice but it has the potential to be a great one. Keough is probably more famous for being Elvis Presley's granddaughter than for her acting, but that doesn't make her a bad actress. Everything that I've seen her in she's held her own quite well and I think she would be every bit as good as anyone else on this list. You might recognize her from The Runaways or Mad Max: Fury Road.

11. Brit Marling

Anyone who has seen this woman on screen knows she is capable of a lot. I first saw her in a film called Sound of My Voice and she was chilling in a way that you just couldn't take your eyes off what she was delivering. She's an incredibly charismatic and captivating actress. I think that's something that would translate well with Carol Danvers and is essential to the part.

10. Rosamund Pike

She's already gained an Oscar nomination for her work in David Fincher's Gone Girl, but she's still managed to lead a fairly quiet life in Hollywood. The truth is she is quite fierce and I would be more than accepting of her as Carol Danvers.

9. Emily Blunt

Emily Blunt is quite a versatile actress and although she might be overlooked, her popularity has surged in the past year or so. With her performances in Edge of Tomorrow and Sicario, she's proven that she has the capacity to hold her own in an action setting which is essential to any superhero film.

8. Brie Larson

This could potentially be a great, yet unconventional, choice similar to the casting of Elizabeth Olsen as Scarlet Witch. It might not sound good initially, but it could also be potentially awesome. (Edit: Larson did manage to take home an Oscar this year for her performance in Room.)

7. Scout Taylor-Compton

Yeah, she led Rob Zombie's Halloween and it wasn't as good as it could have been and has also appeared in other teen movies that weren't that great. So what? If you've seen The Runaways you know she's definitely capable of having some strong attitude and being someone you don't really want to mess with. She also proved with her stint in Halloween that she is capable of some damage.

6. Chloe Grace Moretz

She was already considered for the X-Men franchise but lost out on the opportunity, but Moretz has proven herself to be capable of carrying a film. That and anyone who has seen Kick-Ass or Kick-Ass 2 knows that she is fully capable of cranking up the violence and overall "badass" nature of the character. I think she would be a great choice both with her level of charisma on screen and her overall look. She's also quite young at just 19 years old, so that's plenty of time to remain in the Marvel Cinematic Universe without significant aging.

5. Zoe Bell

This could be an amazing casting choice. She's tough, she's intimidating, and she looks good doing it. Bell is a former stuntwoman so she would no doubt be comfortable doing the stunts Captain Marvel will require. She previously served as a double for Uma Thurman in the Kill Bill films as well as Lucy Lawless in Xena: Warrior Princess. Some might think she's a bit old as she's pushing 40, but age isn't the most important thing.

4. Dakota Fanning

Hate all you want, but Dakota Fanning has crawled out of the child star hole with a decent amount of work. She isn't the annoying girl from War of the Worlds anymore and she has proven time and time again that she is fully capable of carrying herself on screen. She wouldn't be a bad choice at all.

3. Natalie Dormer

This Game of Thrones alum would be another great choice. She is fierce on screen and her work in The Hunger Games franchise supports that as well. I think she would bring a lot to the table and it would be a lot more than just a badass chick on screen. She could act the role out very well.

2. Michelle Rodriguez

If badass chick had a definitive name in Hollywood it might as well be Michelle Rodriguez. She's pretty much made a name for herself doing so-called "tough" roles and managed to hold her own against the boys throughout the Fast and Furious franchise. She was pretty awesome, for what it is worth, in Avatar as well. I would be alright with it.

1. Ronda Rousey

Similar to Gina Carano, you might find this to be a typical choice and many of people already have. However, there are more people who want her in this role than people who don't. Not only is she a top favorite of Marvel executive Kevin Feige, she is a potentially great option for the role in both looks and physical performance.

Anyone you think I forgot to mention or disagree with anyone on this list? Leave a comment and start a conversation!


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