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With Guillermo Del Toro's finished Justice League Dark script in hand over at Warner Brothers, and the inclusion of Enchantress in Suicide Squad, I believe it will only be a matter of time until we hear the announcement of a Justice League Dark film. With this in mind, it is important to associate some great actors with these unknown characters so that the general audience will be much more open to seeing this film. Much like when the star-studded Suicide Squad cast was announced. Let's take a look at some worthy candidates for a Justice League Dark Film:

1. Team Leader: John Constantine / Colin Farrell

In a previous article about True Detective stars crossing over into the DC universe (You can read that here), I thought Colin Farrell would be perfect as John Constantine. As I say in my other article, his portrayal of Ray Velcoro in True Detective was essentially a perfect audition for John. They are both broken men who see themselves as the bad guy, but still try to do the right thing. John and Ray constantly put themselves in harms way in order to try and protect the ones they love, and they are natural born leaders. With Colin Farrell being 39, he would be an older Constantine, but I think this could work well to establish him as an experienced meddler in the dark arts. This way, John could have gone through more tragedy, and he would have honed his magic skills so that he could be a valuable asset in the fight against a powerful dark force.

2. Deadman / Tom Welling

I'm sure everyone knows Tom as Clark Kent/Superman on Smallville. He hasn't done anything too noticeable since then, but Welling is a solid actor. Even as Smallville got more and more diluted, Tom remained a great anchor for the show as a reliable and talented leading man. Now at 37, Welling doesn't quite look like the young Clark we met all those years ago, and he has grown into quite the man with plenty of gravitas. For a character as powerful and complicated as Deadman, I think Welling has proven time and time again that he can play that exact archetype. We saw him grow up as a selfish teen only to become a self-less Superman on Smallville, and this could be a perfect character transformation for Deadman as well since he has a similar background. Along with all the similar character traits, he is still in great shape, looks like Boston Brand (Deadman's human name), and even has a great shaved head!

3. Madame Xanadu / Vera Farmiga

Madame Xanadu is a character who is centuries old, kept young by potions. She is a powerful sorceress and demands a lot of respect. She is actually the person who recruits other magical individuals for The New 52's Justice League Dark. She has a vast array of knowledge due to her many years on Earth studying magic. The reason I can see Vera Farmiga in this role is because she has what I describe as a "strong face." When I look at her, I think she's believable as a woman of extreme power. I could easily imagine her commanding these other sorcerers to come to the world's aid. Also, her work in The Conjuring convinced me that she could easily work with the paranormal. With a good costume, hair dye, and jewelry, Vera could easily become Madame Xanadu.

4. Shade, The Changing Man / Keanu Reeves

I'll admit, out of all of these characters the one I know the least about is Shade. However, in my research I found that he is an alien entity that must inhabit a human host to survive, subsequently killing them. What makes Shade interesting, other than his alien origins and physical needs, is his changing mental state. Sometimes he is even-keeled, but he can go mad and actually enter a place called "Madness Zone," which is some sort of realm that is accessed through the vest he wears. Despite my lack of knowledge of Shade, from what I was able to learn I think Keanu could definitely be a great choice. Shade is known for first inhabiting serial-killer Troy Grenzer, a long-haired, lanky man, who was on death-row. He then tries to convince people that he isn't actually Troy, but someone else entirely. Having seen John Wick, I can completely see Keanu as a serial-killer who is then overtaken by Shade and then begins vying for people's acceptance. Keanu also fits the bill for all of the physical attributes of the character, minus the red hair. Keanu is limited in his range, but I think all of the abilities required for this role match his most skilled areas. I would also just love to see him involved in a superhero franchise.

5. Zatanna / Rachel McAdams

In the same article about True Detective that I mentioned earlier, I chose McAdams to play Black Canary. However, both Zatanna and Black Canary dress very similarly and share a lot of character traits. It would be easy for me to see Rachel step into a role of another one of DC's strongest female roles as Zatanna. Zatanna would also give McAdams an opportunity to display her bubbly side as well as her darker side. Zatanna is one bad-ass sorceress, but she also likes to have fun. It could be a match made in heaven for McAdams' acting skills. Rachel McAdams is also probably the strongest actor out of all of these choices, and since Zatanna regularly crosses over with The Justice League, it would make sense to have her as the character with that potential.

There is my Justice League Dark fancast! I hope you enjoyed my picks, and I can't wait to hear who you would pick for each role! Thanks for reading everyone!



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