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Actor Shawn Ashmore is a fairly low-key guy, but comic book movie fans immediately recognize him for playing Iceman in Fox's X-Men franchises. While he was busy promoting for his upcoming film, Quantum Break, Ashmore spoke with IGN and admitted that if Fox were ever open to an Iceman solo movie, he'd be all for it:

An Iceman solo movie? If Fox would make it then I would do it. I love that character, I love the Marvel universe, especially the last couple of films. I was so excited about Days of Future Past when I heard about that – reading the script, realizing the script – it was so exciting for me, so if that was ever an opportunity? Absolutely.

But unlike a lot of actors and actresses we've seen recently who are all about the self-promotion, Ashmore admits that he's more of an ensemble team player, which is what attracted him to the X-Men franchise in the first place:

The other thing about the X-Men is I think is that they work best as a team. What I always loved about the X-Men is that it wasn’t about solo characters. I think that the characters really come to life when you put them in the context of the school with Xavier, with the team – that’s what I always loved about the X-Men. So I’m not sure if that would ever happen. It would be exciting if it did, but there is something to be said about the team.

And there's one other character that, as a Marvel fanboy, Ashmore would love the play. If, you know, Marvel ever reboots the movie series:

Marvel-wise, I love Nightcrawler and I love Ghost Rider and I don’t know if I’d ever get the chance to play those characters, but I’d love to see another take on Ghost Rider maybe. I love those books.

You have to love an actor or actress who is an actual comic book reader. Could you see Ashmore playing Ghost Rider in a new Marvel adaptation? Or do you think they shouldn't cross the streams?


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