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If Marvel can have a show for streaming and critically acclaimed... why not DC! There are quite a few characters that deserve some shine. Watch my video on my list!

Ok... so that's my list, but since I'm here why not some honorable mentions. Keep in mind... these characters would most likely appear in the movies or TV (Arrow/Flash universe).

Static Shock

Well, his powers would be for a movie budget type of thing, but the web series can have unknowns for roles. It'd be interesting and to be honest... Static is basically Spiderman, but where he lives can probably go for a mature rating. Imagine on Netflix (or any streaming service) a teenage superhero gets involve with taking down drug loads in the ghetto. That and he can fight other Bang Babies.

Red Hood/Arsenal

From what I'm hearing... this series is enjoyable! Two friends eventually becoming Superheroes for hire (Luke Cage anyone). Seriously, these characters are really becoming fan favorites and their series could be great. The series can reach a level of brutality.


Odd pick, but interesting one! Raven is one of my favorite characters from Teen Titans. I would really like to say her character can become a fan favorite on the small screen. Half Demon and knows the mystical arts... I'm in!

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What do you think? What characters would you like to see have a series? Leave a comment below!


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