ByMatt Edwin Alexitch, writer at

Alright people just like the title said possible spoiler, so if you don't want the show to get ruined better leave. Alright so in the last episode of the MTV thriller scream episode title "Ghost" Emma has to deal with loss of Will and if you seen the previous episode than you must know how messed up it is and throughout the episode Emma sees will spirit or ghost and he is giver her signs on who the killer is and and it is clearly in her head but that is not the point.

So fast forward through the episode Emma is in the hospital after what appears to be her having a nervous breakdown in the coffee shop, she has a memorie of her mother and father fighting "keeping a child" and at first I thought they were talking about Emma, but no they were talking about Brandon James and Daisys baby. So Emma has a brother/sister.

Now moving away from Emma and to piper.

Okay so through out the show piper has been making references to her dead father or gone And she does not even talk about her mother at all. Now what if Piper is not only the killer but Emma's sister?

It would make sense if you think about it, she keeps talking about her father who is dead as is Brandon James and she is always so close to Emma and not BFF close like sisterhood close. And also for the meeting with the mayor scene she could have a partner who I have no idea who it could be just about her surprise I guess but oh well. Tell me what you guys think thanks


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