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Months have passed since it was announced that the next entry in the popular "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" franchise will be a prequel to the 1974 classic "The Texas Chain Saw Massacre". Many fans have been wondering since the announcement what to expect for the new prequel to the original film. Here is a list of the top 5 things to expect for the next installment in the "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" series;

5.) Leatherface will be portrayed during his early years by an up & coming actor

This past March it was announced that English actor Sam Strike will be joining the cast as Jackson Sawyer/Leatherface in the new prequel. For those of you that don't know the actor, Strike is most famous for his role as recurring character Johnny Carter in the BBC series "EastEnders" & will also appear as Rory Hawthorne in the upcoming film "The Hunger Games: Mocking Jay, Part 2". Not much is known about Strike's character Jackson Sawyer other than the fact that he is a violent teenager incarcerated in a mental hospital & eventually becomes the chainsaw wielding Leatherface. Expect Strike to portray Sawyer as a deranged psychopath that lives up to the legend of Leatherface.

4.) Stephen Dorff's character will be a nemesis of The Sawyers

Aside from Sam Strike, Stephen Dorff was also announced to be in the prequel as Hal Hartman. Dorff's character was described as being a vengeful Texas Ranger who has a vendetta with The Sawyer Family particularly Jackson Sawyer who will eventually go on to become Leatherface. It's very likely that a friend or relative of Hartman fell victim to Jackson Sawyer which would explain his vendetta against The Sawyers. If the film does well, expect Dorff to be a recurring character in the series as the nemesis of Leatherface.

3.) The prequel will explore the mythology of The Sawyer Family

Despite being titled "Leatherface", it wouldn't make sense for the prequel to only center on the title character without even exploring the origins of his family members. Although Leatherface's family has changed throughout the films, the fan favorite incarnation of The Sawyers are the ones depicted in 1974's "The Texas Chain Saw Massacre" The original family consisted of Nubbins Sawyer/The Hitchhiker, Drayton Sawyer/The Cook, Grandpa Sawyer and Leatherface himself. It would be an interesting take on The Sawyers origins especially explaining the long desired reasoning to their cannibalism as depicted in the first film. If the new prequel does in fact feature the origins of The Sawyers, then expect the family to be featured but as employees in the slaughterhouse only to eventually leave due to the advanced technology as explained by The Hitchhiker in the first film as well as beginning to slowly reach the peak of cannibalism.

2.) Leatherface's origins to finally be explained

Among all the classic slashers in cinematic history, Leatherface is one of many few horror characters that has not been given an origin story. Although the 1974 film wasn't given a prequel, the 2003 remake was given a prequel in 2006 titled "Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning" but even that wasn't looked at as an origin story as the film centered on how the Hewitt's became cannibals & Thomas Hewitt getting his first "face mask" rather than going in depth to his childhood. But now that the new film be a direct film to the 1974 classic, a lot of fans are excited to see Leatherface from his early years & how he went on to become the chainsaw wielding maniac & one of the most legendary horror icons in cinematic history.

1.) A fresh new start for the franchise

Much like "Halloween Returns", it looks as if "Leatherface" will not only be a prequel to the 1974 film but will also be disregarding the sequels that followed including the recent "Texas Chainsaw" as Leatherface's name in the new prequel is Jackson Sawyer whereas the one shown in the recent installment was Jedidiah Sawyer. Seeing as fans hated "Texas Chainsaw" it would make sense for the studios to disregard the recent film & give the franchise a new start beginning with the prequel.


Are you excited to see Leatherface's origin in the new prequel?

Well that's my list of top 5 things to expect in the new prequel "Leatherface". So what did you guys think did you think? Did you agree with the list? Was there anything you felt should have been on the list? Let me know in the comments section below.


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