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So I'm a little late on this but I went camping on Monday and just got back today so now is the time where I recap a few things that happened at this years D23.

First of all, the sequel to the 2010 film, Alice In Wonderland got two new posters with the title [Alice in Wonderland: Through the Looking Glass](tag:780359) which will be directed by James Bobin this time, not Tim Burton. Now I liked Alice In Wonderland when it first came out but I now realize that it's not that great. There are a couple things I like about it but overall it's not that good. So even though they got the director of the new Muppets films to direct, I'm not really that excited for it. However, I kinda like the posters they showed, those were pretty cool.

Next up, The Jungle Book movie directed by Jon Favreau not only got a poster, but they showed a trailer for it to the audience which got a standing ovation. Now I'm not the biggest fan of Disney's plan on remaking most of their films, but I was looking forward to this movie because of the director and the cast and from what I've heard about the trailer, this movie is really going to deliver. And the poster looks really good!

And if you weren't already excited for the next Star Wars film, which you should be, Drew Struzan made a brand new poster for it and it looks amazing! It reminded me of the other Star Wars posters and this one might be the best looking one. Don't quote me on that one though because I'm not entirely sure about it yet. Also the poster shows that John Boyega's character will be a Jedi hence the lightsaber in his hand. Oh yeah and something about a 14 acre Star Wars land but who really cares about that? (Obvious sarcasm)

In animation news, Disney will be making a movie about Jack & The Beanstalk called Gigantic and the concept art shows the giant is a young girl. I really like this idea. It's a movie based off of something, but with it's own unique twist! And the fact that it's not another sequel we're actually getting something kind of original! I can't wait until they show more of this movie and I think it could be something very special.

Recently Pixar announced that with the Blu-Ray of Inside Out we would get a short called Riley's First Date which is a mini sequel to Inside Out. But the lucky scrubs at D23 actually got to see it early! I loved everything about Inside Out so I'll definitely be getting the Blu-Ray to watch that short. Especially with the positive reaction it got at D23.

Oh Pixar, you announced an original film called Coco which will revolve around family, but you also talked about your sequels too! The only Pixar sequel I'm actually interested in is The Incredibles 2. I've been wanting a sequel for that since I saw the first film. But, why would you make a sequel to Cars? Cars wasn't even the best Pixar film but you made Cars 2, and even though that movie was panned by critics, you decided to make Cars 3. And the fact that Finding Dory is actually a thing. I like the Dory character and all but I'm afraid that now this is her movie that she's going to get annoying. Plus the fact that Finding Nemo doesn't need a sequel. Yes, Ellen DeGeneres has been wanting one forever but if you think about it, Finding Nemo is perfect on it's own and is one of the best animated films of all time! Making a sequel makes no sense to me. Also, I wasn't a big fan of your announcement of Toy Story 4 but I was still behind it. But when you announced that it was going to be a love story between Woody and Bo Beep, I stopped supporting you. The fact that that's your big idea to follow up on the incredible Toy Story 3, but it's not needed! You've made 2 TV shorts about Toy Story so you can kind of just continue the story that way. Also, Toy Story 3 has one of the most perfect endings to a trilogy, it's up there with The Dark Knight Rises' ending. The trilogy was completed in the most perfect way possible, yet you decide because of how popular they are, to continue it! So yeah, I like Pixar doing original stuff and a sequel to The Incredibles, but the other sequels they've announced, I'm not looking forward to in the least.

So those are my thoughts on a few of the stuff that happened at D23, what are your thoughts on it? Leave it in the comments below.


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